We Finally Have an Accurate English Translation of Final Fantasy VII

A fan has released a PC mod for Final Fantasy VII that delivers an accurate English translation of the game, along with other mods that improve gameplay.

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SidebarTalk1254d ago

I've always had a problem with the re-translation of classic FF games, especially VI since the new script feels absolutely alien. But letting the fans work things out themselves generally delivers great results, and the rest of the patches in The Reunion make for a better FFVII experience overall.

ameliabaz1253d ago

I like to think that wasn't a mistranslation, and that Aerith just sometimes has trouble with grammar. Its more fun that way.

rainslacker1254d ago

All your bases are belong to us.

Different game I know.

Ah the good ol' days of one guy who barely speaks english translating a game.:)

MRMagoo1231254d ago

Is this satire ? I'm confused I would hardly call it accurate.