36 Multiplayer Yakuza 0 Screenshots

"Sega's PS3 and PS4 action RPG Yakuza 0 adds multiplayer minigames to an already outstanding single-player adventure. Apart from the disco dancing rhythm game, these are all playable with a single controller, which is nice. Playing as Kiryu and Majima, you and a friend can enjoy simple yet well-made rounds of darts, billiards, bowling, and disco dancing. Check out screenshots from my own PS4 in the gallery below." -GR

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knifefight1304d ago

Pretty cool to include the ability to just pass one controller back and forth if you opt for that while the other one charges or something.

Wish this game would get an English language release.

MrDead1303d ago

Stop taunting me with these Yakuza pics...... sob.

DonkeyDoner1303d ago

sega says "fu** you" :P
unless sony react this game will never touch westward

reaper6021303d ago

Sega you better bring this to the west!

WildArmed1303d ago

My lawwwddd bringg itt ovverrr.

Just release it digitally if you guys don't want to invest too much in a western release!

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