Oculus Drops Mac & Linux Development to Focus on Windows

Oculus has released tech specs for the Oculus Rift that shows they are solely developing for high end Windows PC's with a consistent set of hardware. The specs show that they have halted development for Mac and Linux for the moment and also are leaving out laptop owners.

Oculus says that its focusing on Windows to keep the development process simple for programmers.

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mikeslemonade2391d ago

Good news. Macs are incredibly overrated.

EvilWay2391d ago

No they are not. Macs have a lot of pros that make it superior, for gaming I agree but it has its purpose

ChickeyCantor2391d ago

"it has its purpose"

such as being overpriced.

andrewer2391d ago

@ChickeyCantor more like waaaaay better memory management (way less RAM fragmentation than Windows) and the fact that it's POSIX, and not a hipster like Windows. At least these are the things I like about Macs. Although can't disagree that the price isn't friendly, they are incredibly well built, having an incredible performance.

Grap2391d ago

so? get more ram .. a lot cheaper than getting a mac.

Dan_scruggs2391d ago

Mac. Half the power for twice the price.

andrewer2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

@Grap :facepalm: don't you get man? It's not about the amount of RAM. I have 8GB on my PC (Windows) and after one week without turning off it's using 5GB just for the basic processes. It's a matter of being ridiculous, really, not about price. I have linux(deb) as well and it's been 2 months since I last turned it off - no problems so far. My sister has a Mac and has no problems with that as well. In the end, it's what you feel more comfortable. But my point is that Mac is good - the OS at least is great. Now the hardware is expensive, true, but that doesn't make it bad, just not very accessible.

Grap2391d ago

Well you shouldn't let your pc work for a week nonstop. At least colse it for an hour every day.

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uth112391d ago

I used to think that. But then they replaced my PC with a Mac at work. It- is just a more pleasant experience

FlameBaitGod2391d ago

You know macs have the same hardware as PC's right ? the only difference is the OS

nitrogav2391d ago

Well that`s just massively reduced the uptake of Oculus when it come`s out . Think I will stick with Morpheus on PS4 .

AutoCad2391d ago

This doesnt make sense at all lmao..

SniperControl2391d ago

You needed those types of specs anyway to get a smooth experience, so this is not a shock.

Upto about three months ago, i was running a GTX670 SLI, it struggled big time on the more demanding games like Project CARS and Elite. Upgraded to the a GTX970 SLI, everything is now perfect.

Gwiz2391d ago

Depends on your settings and maybe CPU,no problem here with Project Cars.GTX 770.

ChrisW2391d ago


I'm interested in Morpheus as well. However after seeing Oculus' min specs and assuming they are so that graphically intense games can run well, I'm curious as to what kind of experience the PS4 will be able to provide...

sereal_killer2391d ago

im getting a morphues at launch but i do wonder what power it will have. It does have the ps4 to help and its own hardware aswell but it remains to be seen.

games can be programmed closer to the metal and optimized further for fixed hardware but just how much this wil help remains to be seen i gues

Gwiz2391d ago

The only chance of VR becoming big is on the home consoles,why they thought this would be feasible on PC is beyond me.

KarmaV122391d ago

Do you have any idea how big the PC market is?

Gwiz2391d ago

Do you have any idea how little the segment is that
will actually upgrade to have a VR capable machine?

Grap2391d ago

upgrade what?... man you don't know what are you talking about.

KarmaV122390d ago

Yeah, that's why I didn't respond to him. That and he has no more bubbles.

ArmrdChaos2391d ago

The only way Oculus will reach critical mass is by applying it to additional uses beyond gaming. The only way that is going to happen is through the PC market.

KryptoniteTail2391d ago

This is good, a tighter focus on the main one.

n1kki62391d ago

It kind of makes sense. Due to the closed nature of Mac OS and the apple hardware, it doesn't really lend itself well to oculus and the innovation it's trying to drive through user generated content in the early stages, and the flexibility users need with upgrading their system.

mixelon2391d ago

DK2 works fine in osX, they're only concentrating on a single platform at launch to ensure it's a smooth and focused one.

it'll spread over to OS X and linux again quickly enough.. anyone with a powerful enough mac can easily dual boot into windows for a little while. :)

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