Military Using Game Controllers to Pilot Drones, Disarm Bombs

U.S. and British military forces are increasingly utilizing video game technology.
In an application, the Wiimote is being used in place of traditional joypads to control the robots used to disarm roadside bombs in Iraq. Another application is a modified Xbox controller being used to fly a drone in the British Army recruiting video below.

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Elven63797d ago

Its a bit old, the US army has been using 360 controllers for a while in the FFW program. Still this news is unknown for a lot of people.

BananaSlug3797d ago

the video is from September 2007

Surfman3797d ago

hope they dont get a RROD in missions

Mr PS33797d ago

Should use the Xbox for sure
It could be the key to success
Leave Xbox's lying round Anywhere and everywhere
Iraq soldiers will pick them up take em back to thier base plug em in
And Kaboooooom
You taken out an Enemy base right there for less than $150