"Trolled" Kickstarter Project is Getting a Second Chance

Kickstarter project "Dimension Drive" is getting a second chance at success after being trolled this past week.

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DiscoKid2392d ago

Not really a big deal. Kickstarter allows you to redo a campaign for the same game as much as you want.

OhMyGandhi2391d ago

I was wondering that...Developers make it sound like a murder trial.

TheRealTedCruz2392d ago

They did well with their first. It just didn't quite make it.
They just need to look at the weak points of the original, shift them, and then they should be smooth sailing.

Many a developer have done much better on their second try.

Xof2392d ago

And all the extra publicity from the "troll" certainly won't hurt.

KryptoniteTail2392d ago

Trolls are counterproductive sometimes, which I like.

Nio-Nai2391d ago

Most of these "trolls" are companies trying to boost advertising for free.

paddy952391d ago

It almost made it the first time. Now more people know about it, it should make it.

Wonder_Punk2391d ago

I think it's about time Kickstarter put more effort into ensuring people don't get screwed over, both backers and the people making the Kickstarters. There has been an increasing number of negative incidents happening there and it seems very unnecessary. Why can't they do more to make sure things are legit? I guess they just really have no reason to care when they can just sit back doing nothing and profit off the successful ones...

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