Backlog Update: I Have No Interest In Finishing Donkey Kong 64

Collect-a-thons are not fun. Sorry, Banjo fans, but the start of that racing game thing Microsoft made was on the money.

Seriously though. DK64 is like a microcosm of game collecting in general. It’s really fun, but it goes fucking nowhere, and that feeling of, “Wait, why am I doing this?” haunts the whole game like a canker sore on the tip of your tongue.

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shaw981276d ago

So much wrong in this. Collectothons are so fun because they have a unique feeling of progression. Collecting items allows for the player to explore and in turn makes them want to explore more by collecting items. The feeling of adventure and the unique feel of progression is what makes it so good. The guy who wrote this sounds like one of those guys that when hates a game genera wants it to be something else. There are people who don't like rpg games, but at least they can appreciate why people find them so fun. The wrighter saying they were on the money with nuts and bolts is so insulting because nuts and bolts took away what people loved about collectothons. In turn if you say that, you are saying the way I am having fun in my video games is wrong. Who are you to tell me what is fun for me to play?

WPX1275d ago

"... they were on the money with nuts and bolts..."
I think that about sums it up.
Dunno what to say really...

wonderfulmonkeyman1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

The people who have pushed Yooka-Laylee to a rousing success in funding, are saying you're wrong about collectathons not being fun.
Welcome to the minority opinion.
Enjoy your stay.
*drops mic, eats banana, walks out*

Germany71276d ago

Someone don't get 3D platformers at all, and the game it's great, can't say the same about the article.

Loadedklip1276d ago

He is wrong ... both Banjo games are fun. Donkey Kong 64 is not.

DK64 took collecting to a whole another level when they made it multiple character and each character can only pick up items with their color.

That was beyond stupid game design and ruined the experience for a lot of people. Even if you enjoyed the game ... you have to admit that idea did not help the overall experience.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1276d ago

It didn't ruin it for me. What ruined it from back then was the fact that you need to beat the DK Arcade game to get to the final boss King K. Rool because of that I never beat it but now with Wii U I can.

Gemmol1276d ago

lol that was my only problem, it was the first game I had to put down when i reach the DK and Mario arcade. I put it down for 2 months to get frustration out and when I came back I beat it on my first try. The crazy thing is I stay away from gaming those 2 months, so maybe I just needed to be fresh of mind to beat it aka peace of mind.

Germany71276d ago

The same happened with me, i never got the Nintendo and Rare medal, or it was coins?
Just because of that i never finished.

wonderfulmonkeyman1275d ago

That's the magical part about the new VC version: you can use a save state mid-play on those old games so that if you mess up you don't have to start from square 1.
Cheesy, yes, but it reduces the frustration by a huge amount if you don't have much skill or patience on classic titles.XD