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EB:Don’t be like me and judge a game like Lost Orbit solely on its facade, because if you do you’ll be missing out on one of the most enjoyable casual gameplay experiences of 2015. Now this isn’t a game that will keep you locked into a campaign for days on end as it can be completed in well under four hours, but it still manages to hook you like a drug if you become swept up in leaderboard-mania, or just want to prove to yourself that you can complete a level faster than you ever thought possible. There’s tons of replayability thanks to the fact that you can replay each level all the way to the beginning stage (four main stages of varying numbers of levels) after beating the game and buffing out Harrison’s skill sets, which makes you feel like a speed demon God thanks to the added abilities.

If you need a game on the cheap ($11.99) that looks amazing, has crack-like addictive gameplay, and offers two memorable lead characters, then look no further than Lost Orbit for the PC and PS4. This is a game wear being alone in space has never felt so right.

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