The Witcher 3 in stunning 5K screenshots

Website PCGH published over 30 screenshots of The Witcher 3 in 5.120 × 3.200 pixel. You can download the high res uncompressed pictures at the end of the article

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Genova841277d ago


I think most pc gamers will have a hard time running this game at 1080, 60 FPS Ultra. I do like that as the next wave of hardware releases though, that we'll be able to see improved graphics.

kraenk121276d ago

That's the beauty of PC gaming. A good developer tries to make his game future proof so it uses the power of even the best machines. I love to replay games a few years later down the line after I upgraded my PC with better graphics, more FPS, AA and such. That's another plus, PC will always be downward compatible.

Rookie_Monster1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

Thanks man, this is so much better than forcing and showing compressed 720p images on 1080p on inferior hardwares.

5k looks great with my HD monitor

kiz26941277d ago

For anyone whos interested in VRAM usage for The Witcher 3 heres a translation from this post. "A graphics memory hogs is The Witcher 3 despite the fine textures and open world way, not the on-screen display of the MSI Afterburner reports during our screenshot tour a maximum occupancy of 5.6 GiByte . By comparison, in 2,560 × 1,440 at most 2.5 GiByte needed after some Time." (google translate) 2.5gb for 1440p seems very good to me. I was worried maybe hitting 3GB at just 1080p this is good news I think.

Kingdomcome2471277d ago

I don't even have anything that displays 1440p natively. I'll just have to stick with my archaic 1080p for the time being. Kudos to those that are able to enjoy this at that resolution. I'm sure it's beautiful.

Hassassin1277d ago

1440p is very nice :D
I got a korean monitor years ago for cheap. Other than having to change the power supply brick (20 bucks on ebay) It has worked flawless.

Sir_Simba1277d ago

I also got a korean monitor, very cheap, no bleeding, nothing wrong with the display execpt the stand which was broken and i still have not replaced it.

Genova841277d ago

I'm waiting for a compatible 4k tv. Unfortunately, the hardware I have. R9295x2 doesn't output hdmi 2.0 and as far as I know there's no way to covert my mdp to it. :-(. And, I don't want to spend $4k on the panasonic tv that had mdp input. Probably going to have to go with Nvidia next gen if AMD doesn't adopt HDMI 2.0.

ZeroSins1277d ago

AMD is about to release the r9 390x and its rumored to have 3 DP and 1 HDMI 2.0 port. You should look it up. besides VSR (virtual super resolution) from AMD scales better than Nvidia's DSR(dynamic super resolution).

Genova841276d ago

That'd be sweet. Maybe I'll end up getting the r9 395x2 when that releases. Don't think it makes sense to go from the r9 295x2 to the r9 390x.

VickerC1277d ago

I hear that 1440p vs 4k isn't a very big difference. But the step from 1080p to 1440p is very huge. Can any one confirm this? I'm doubting of getting myself an 1440p monitor.


Hassassin1274d ago

It's not that 4k is less of a jump. IMHO it's more about how 4k is still inpractical (to run @60fps), not very compatible and has no content made for it (other than House of Cards). UI's don't like 4k either.

1440p has a nice balance between being usable and being extreme.