Bloodborne Sells 731K Units First Week Worldwide

Vgchartz writes : "PlayStation 4 exclusive action RPG Bloodborne sold 731,407 units in its first week worldwide (week ending March 28), according to the VGChartz Global Weekly Chart."

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DarkOcelet1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

Thats actually impressive.

Bloodborne 2/Demon Souls 2 should be released next.

Congrats Miyazaki on another masterpiece.

-Foxtrot1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

They might do a spiritual successor for Bloodborne for all platforms like they did for Demons Souls

Demons Souls - Dark Souls

Bloodborne - Blood????

I think their next exclusive for the PS4 might be brand new.

However with the better sales they might decide to do Bloodborne 2 instead.

DarkOcelet1253d ago

Yeah, i think they will make Bloodborne 2.

Or Dark Souls 3. We know that's definitely coming.

Hellsvacancy1253d ago

I personally think Dark Souls 3 will be out next year

-Foxtrot1253d ago

Soulsborne DarkBorne

I think you'll have to keep Blood in the title

Souls was kept because the game is about souls while Bloodborne is about Blood.

breakpad1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

I dont think that Sony will let a spiritual Bloodborn-successor to be developed for other platforms and use the same synthetics like Blood-smthing.... Bloodborne was developed exactly for that reason so Sony detach themselves from souls games wiht their unique Miyazaki-made-IP which will keep the essence of Souls games and Souls fans attached....

boodi1253d ago

Bloodborne - Bloodbore
- Bloodlore
- Bloodlord
- Bloodswallw

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goldwyncq1253d ago

I want a horror sci-fi game from them next.

Crimzon1253d ago

I'd like to see that as well. They could no doubt craft some truly nightmarish and bizarre alien worlds to explore, and it would be interesting to see a spaceship used as a central hub. It's fun to imagine all of the bizarre alien/sci-fi melee weapons that they would design too.

hkgamer1253d ago

demon souls 2 is basically dark souls.
it was also a FU to sony in a sense. they developed an exclusive for son and one for ms. the sony one actually got popular worldwide despote the ms one made for international market. anyway dark souls was an IP rip off. would be similar to something like insomniac making a 3d action platformer similar to ratchet and clank but bypassing sony because they own that specific ip.

Vanfernal1253d ago

What the hell are you talking about? Dark Souls has never been exclusive to MS. In fact the PS version outsold the Xbox and PC version combined. And it's not a rip off if it's made by the same people... Seriously...

jetlian1253d ago

Hes thinking about ninja blade vs demon souls

tekksin1253d ago

I know. All friggin month. Still no updates on anything else.

user74029311253d ago

I will wait for sony's response. vgchartz has been wrong on too much occasions.

elazz1253d ago

Sony already confirmed 1m+ sales within 12 days. 730k for nearly a full week seems right I guess.

SaveFerris1253d ago

I know this is vgchartz, but I guess the figures don't include digital sales?

Death1253d ago

Their figures are 100% guesswork. The only thing they include is their gut feeling.

SoapShoes1253d ago

Is this just for America? It already sold over a million.

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The story is too old to be commented.