Tom Clancy’s The Division Launch Date Revealed

Just a few days ago the development team of The Division announced that the game would be delayed until the first quarter of next year 2016. iRobot Gaming had preordered the game on Amazon since it was first revealed at E3 2013 and at that point it did not have a launch.

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kingeliran1252d ago

ok please stop talking about this game it comes out in 9 months.. thats Allot of time.

mikeslemonade1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

E3 2013 trailer was great but not impressive

E3 2014 gameplay is underwhelming

Expect the usual downgrades.. I won't be excited about this game until 1 month before release.

thorstein1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

It's also a lot of time that is allotted for further development.

This title has me intrigued and I'm looking forward to it. But as a previous poster has shown, there will be hate for it as well.

It's not even out for another 9 months and hateboys are already after it.

Can it be finished first, hateboys?

princejb1341251d ago


i kinda agree i was excited for this game when i first saw it
but seen ubisoft record the past games my hype for it has gone away

BallsEye1251d ago


Ah FFS n4g and graphics problem always. I rather have a great running game with amazing gameplay than just pretty graphics. How many people still play THE ORDER? How many people still play RYSE(well, it has MP so still maybe some). How many people still play Counter Strike, World of Warcraft or even Halo? tens of millions. It's the gameplay. Pretty graphics is just a nice addition.

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Bobby Kotex1252d ago

You're like Bruce Lee with words.

Dyldog691252d ago

Ah the art of speaking without speaking. I'm very familiar w that after reading so many n4g comments

SheenuTheLegend1252d ago

imagine operation locker from bf4 with 64 players on mobile lol.
this is why alien wont talk to us.

showtimefolks1252d ago

This was expected. It seems like 2015 was gonna be the best year but now it's looking note and more likely 2016 will end up being that year

Uncharted 4
the division
kingdom Hearts 3
destiny 2
Titan fall 2
quantum break
crackdown 3
god of war
new cod,Ac as usual

And there is so much we will find out at e3 this year

1251d ago
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Sirlancealot1252d ago

Don't care about this game anymore

Utalkin2me1252d ago

So why are you here posting?

Erik73571252d ago

To let people know his opinion about this game that the article is on?

Guess you don't like his opinion?

Utalkin2me1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

To truly show you don't like or care about something, you would skip said thing or "article". I hate MS and Xbox in general, but i don't go in their articles stating i don't care about it. I show i don't care about by not giving it any attention.

Guess you don't like my opinion of his useless opinion in the article.

MoeStedley1252d ago

I dont believe you. Remember when the guy moving in cover closed the car door with his hand...? REMEMBER?!?

Erik73571252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

Yea but that's the e3 demo version, pretty sure any good details for a game made by Ubisoft don't make it from their demos to their actual game.

MoeStedley1252d ago

If they removed the car closing animation there would be chaos in the streets. Society would cease to exist from that moment on.

It would emerge from parent's basements throughout the land. No one would be safe.

SgtSlaughter2121252d ago

Oh, you are just adorable. I think the point of what Fries was saying is that, no, one detail removed by itself won't make a huge difference.

However, and this is the tough part so read carefully, Ubisoft has a reputation of removing MANY of those small details from their games before launch.

That means you have a less immersive game and, frankly, a game that deviates significantly from what was shown previously.

Less immersion =... well, you get the point now, right?

MoeStedley1252d ago

SgtSlaughter212 - Sounds like you are reading what you want to read. He is just saying they are not to be trusted. However this is the tough part so read carefully....


Syntax-Error1252d ago

Actually Ubisoft delayed the game because of the demand. They knew this game was their benchmark franchise. The anticipation for this game rivaled The Last Guardian, so they wanted to quiet the rumors downgrading. I am sure they pull out a quality product. With all the negative press they got in the past for it and this game being their holy grail, I see great things

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Magicite1252d ago

yeah, I dont like that too

_-EDMIX-_1252d ago may want to steer clear of MMOs. That O stands for Online you know?

WilDRangeRfc1252d ago

Reply to your PM
How mature you could not have a discussion without being insulting,calling me slow and a fanboy.To finish up you blocked me,classy guy.
This is how slow you are
A.I own both X1 and PS4,prefer the PS4 ( I have a TLOU prestige avatar )so how am I a fanboy??
B.I serve as a Communications Information Specialist in The Royal Navy a very demanding job,no one slow could do this job
Economics has nothing to do with the topic in hand,you are spewing BS trying to make yourself look intelligant,Halo has nothing to do with Gears.
Gears will move X1,it is a Billion Dollar franchise for a reason,it sells like hotcakes and its a system seller,but you obviously dont understand that many will upgrade when they can play Gears on X1,pls dont spew economics and Zelda at me while telling me how slow I am,oh and I am in my thirties Mr Brains,you get alot wrong for someone so clever,and kids use lol in there txt STAY CLASSY

_-EDMIX-_1251d ago

@Wild- Too long, didn't read, off topic. Once again. Halo MCC didn't move HUGE X1 units, Halo is a greater selling series then Gears.

Its easy economics. Stay on topic and get over it. The conversation was over a while ago bud.

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Kal-V31252d ago


Ch1d0r11251d ago

Hey man it's called PARITY! hehehe

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