Splatoon Global Testfire Impressions: Lacks Too Many Features For A Team-Based Game | Short Pause

Two Short Pause contributors jumped into one of the three one-hour sessions of the Splatoon Global Testfire Beta. Despite the fun gameplay, the lack of being able to communicate, or even party up with friends, are cause for concern for a game based on teamwork.

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tazmeah1278d ago

For a game that would likely benefit from coordinating with teammates, the lack of voice chat seems like a huge mistake. The fact that you can't party up with friends until August is another glaring "WTF" omission. So essentially you are going into each match with people you don't know and can't talk to? Why not just delay the game until August? This is totally something Nintendo would do.

Vyprstryke1278d ago

At least August. The more I think about it, the more I question whether or not I should keep my pre-order. Turf War (the mode we played) is fun but that's the only online multiplayer mode it's launching with. I hope the single player is extremely good.

To be honest, I think the no matchmaking with friends omission (for now) is more criminal than no voice chat. I hope the free maps and new modes are fun and plentiful because this certainly doesn't scream $60 value to me.

darthv721278d ago

when i play games like halo or gears or other FPS games where you can chat with teammates...i never do. i can't stand the chatter and the BS that goes on.

I play to have fun. And that is what this game is all about vs the more competitive online shooters that some people take so seriously.

blackblades1278d ago

Yeah, but with friends I'll chat and all.

freshslicepizza1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

so because you don't like to chat nobody else should either? makes no sense at all. ever think that maybe you can choose to not chat and not worry about if others may or may not chat?

Nodoze1278d ago

Splatoon is fun, but frankly I just don't see it as a full boat 59.99 title. At best it should be 39.99. Heck to save money make it digital only as everyone that wants it will be online anyway.

Fun game, but it seems like they are trying to stretch the title a bit too far. Also single player looks a bit tacked on. Shoot this octopus get orange bubble thing. Not very deep, not story driven in any way from what I can see.

I wish they had just kept the core premise and built on it to make it a super solid online offering.

39.99 is the sweet spot for me on this one.

Concertoine1278d ago

I think Nintendo released this game the way they did to have something for the summer. I dont even think of the upcoming free dlc as free, its more like the rest of the game coming out.

Im honestly okay with it though. I need something to play, there's enough content to keep me busy until the rest of it comes.

bobacdigital1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

This is why I say you cant be mad that the game because doesnt have voice chat. You should be mad that Nintendo doesnt support PARTY CHAT. So many people are knocking this game for lack of voice chat .. when so many people including myself NEVER use voice chat with randoms during gameplay...

Unless I am playing with friends I never use coms.. I just dont. So lets not punish the game devs for something Nintendo should have included within the OS itself...

PARTY CHAT is what we should be more mad about than an in game chat system.

3-4-51278d ago

* Most people in game who talk are annoying or bragging or arrogant and don't offer up anything I couldn't figure out on my own anyways.

* Whilst talking, your taking away some brain power from doing....from reacting.

More talk = less focus, so I'd rather be silent anyways.

That is just my preference though...I understand some want more communication, but it's not needed in this game.

* I think people need to open up their minds a bit and realize this is NOT COD or BF or Destiny or anything's different, and with differences come the good and bad.

It's a game that IMO, the more people adjust to it's play style, the better off it will be in the long run.

So it's a game that will do well via word of mouth from people who actually played it more so than click bait journalists.

* It won't be perfect, but it looks like a lot of fun.

* The Only similar game I've played is Plants vs Zombies:Garden Warfare and that IMO, is probably the best shooter this gen.

Knushwood Butt1278d ago

So don't use it.

Doesn't justify the feature not being there.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

I had a huge amount of fun with the global test fire despite the lack of voice chat or custom teams.
I'm sure that I will CONTINUE to enjoy the game without VC, and the wait till August isn't that far away at all.

It's fun enough that I want to play more of it despite its flaws.
That's what matters.
And for Heaven's sake, just pay attention to your surroundings and your maps.
Those are your coordination tools.
Knows your weapons, pick your role in the team, stick with it.
You don't need voice chat for that.
I know I didn't.

Concertoine1278d ago

Its hard to pick your role when you can only change weapons out of the lobby. That's my issue. 4 rollers or 4 splattershots doesnt make a good team.

wonderfulmonkeyman1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

By pick your role, I mean stick to your own personal battle plan.
You'll find ways of supporting your team no matter what weapon you have compared to them.
If you can adjust your movements and tactics on the fly, you'll be set for a good round even on a team with four rollers.
It all comes down to your own skill level.

Concertoine1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

If my battle plan is to do what the other guys arent doing (whether its going for kills rather than covering ground, or vice versa), then choosing my weapon is vital to that role. Picking off rollers isn't a good task for another roller, but a charger. I only see this getting worse when the complexity of the game is multiplied with more weapons.

I understand why they dont let you choose weapons between matches, its the same reason you cant change vehicles in between matches in MK8. They want the time between matches to be minimal. But until August where you can orgarnize teams, getting a balanced team is pure luck. Im not sure why you would defend that kind of game design.

It doesn't ruin the fun of the game or make it bad, im not saying that. But it ruins the strategic side of things.

Im an adaptive player and im good at games, but the difference between weapons and specials in Splatoon is pretty drastic. This just means you have to rely on your team even more, and when half of them are just running what they'll perceive to be the "OP weapon", the inability to have something to balance off that weapons weaknesses on the fly is what removes a lot of the skill. Id argue luck and "skillz" are pretty equal in their importance, which isnt a good thing with my taste in games.

wonderfulmonkeyman1278d ago

I'm not really so much defending it as I am saying it isn't that huge a detriment if you're good at adjusting your play style.
I do see your point, but I can't remember many matches where it hurt our chances so long as we had at least two people that played smart and varied how they approached the match regardless of their team's loadout.

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cuicui2101278d ago

I didn't feel the hurge at all to talk with teammates : you basically see everything there is to see on the map, and tactics in this game depend essentially on the weapon you picked (and possibly your skills). I did however feel the hurge of getting involved in more games, and to earn some level up out of it - which I'll get by the end of May

Another point is, I was sceptic about the motion control but it was extremely easy for me, and even for a friend who barely played once or twice with the gamepad, to deal with the shooter and to frag other players, even ones playing with the roller. The motion control is really soft, you don't need to get the gamepad off your knees so it's not a bid deal.

I agree that 5 maps is not enough, but I bet a bunch of maps will be added for free soon enough, and the first player mode seems quite complete, not to be compared with most FPS lately - even if we're talking about third person shooter here

TheDude791278d ago

I'm still going to pick this up at launch, play through the single player portion to get a feel for the gameplay and weapons. However, when it comes to team-based games, communication and coordinating is key for me. I'm well aware that there are some who don't need that stuff, and to each their own. I've played enough multiplayer to know how much it sucks when you're playing with randoms and because they have a bad game they leave mid-match (regardless if we're winning or losing) because little Jimmy/Jenny can't handle a little adversity. When I play with friends who I know won't bail and I know what they're going to do on the playing field, it makes for a much more enjoyable experience. Hopefully they can get the party matchmaking out sooner than August cause that's a little too close to MGS5, Mad Max, and the rumored Destiny expansion.

Mexxan1278d ago

This looks like it'll shit over Evolve which I played for about 3 days before being bored. At £25 it's more than worth a punt.

bobacdigital1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

The main difference is Splatoon is updating features of the game for free over time (new maps , modes, and other things.. practically upfront DLC)... Evolve nickle and dimed you every second it could out the gate and into the future.

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