Konami asks to remove a tweet saying that Kojima is among the credits of MGS V: The Phantom Pain "Yesterday we told you about the presence of credits at the end of every Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain mission. And, of course, within those credits Hideo Kojima, the creator of the series, has a starring role. Konami have asked a journalist to delete a tweet Hideo Kojima and his presence in the game."

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DarkOcelet2394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

WTF!! **** YOU Konami. He is the man who made you famous from the first damn place.

Such a POS company. I never thought they would stoop to this level. My God on the stupidity and the cruelty of some people.

hay2393d ago

Apparently Kojima will go the Iga way, since there's nothing that builds Konami. There's no Igarashi, Murayama, Toyama, and Kojima is next.

Konami seems to be done here.

SweatyFlorida2393d ago

Done in the console space perhaps, apparently they're all 4 mobiles gamez, where people are "willing" to buy extra content, pay to play, microtransactions, and where developers don't get any attention or recognition for their work and no games even come close to the complexity or feels MGS has delivered.

Palitera2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

^ Also where companies make money without many risks and need to put way less money on each bet.

Crazy, right? Almost like they exist to make money for their investors.

On topic, this is the hint I needed to be sure that this is the biggest trolling ever done by Kojima. I may be wrong, but I bet he will laugh at this on E3.
/delusional hope

Somehow I really think this is possible.


Obviously you don't know, but before Metal Gear was released in MSX2, Konami was already huge.
Yie Ar Kung Fu, Ping Pong, Castlevania, Pippols, Antartic Adventure, Gradius, Goonies, Contra, Green Beret and many other BIG games you obviously never even heard of were already top notch and Konami was a market leader, so Metal Gear has nothing to do with the fame of this company.

Off topic, to the people that played these games: good memories? ^^

domford19812393d ago


Yie ar Kung fu was my childhood, remember it being so hard at the time too

comebackkid98912393d ago

queue the raging j-fanboys coming to their defense with cries of profit and survivalism.

Ratty2393d ago

I was thinking about that after Iga's kickstarter. Iga is nowhere near as popular as Kojima and Castlevania isn't quite as popular as MGS either (though close enough). I was actually pretty surprised to see Iga's kickstarter was so successful. Almost 1.5mil in the first day. Now imagine how much Kojima would raise for a spiritual successor to MGS or Silent Hills.

I do have many fond memories of the early Castlevania and Contra games but I haven't played many others. It's also true that Metal Gear had no impact on Konami's success initially but it's been one of the only IP bringing them any money in the past 10 years or so.

Now it seems they're desperately trying to do the exact opposite of what their followers want.

Death2393d ago


Konami may have had earlier success, but without current games like MGS, Konami would have been dead long ago. Obviously Konami has made plans to move out of the console market. I have no issue with this, it is the way they are exiting that I find disgusting. I have no doubt Kojima will be fine without Konami. I'm not so sure Konami will be fine without Kojima.

Revolver_X_2393d ago


I disagree with Kojima going the indie route. You can probably bet there's a gag order and Kojima is paid through MGS5 development. Once MGS5 is released and the dust settles, there will be publishers willing to build studios around Kojima. Hideo will not have to go indie. Pubs will be lining up to land him.

BG115792393d ago

I'm just waiting for their last contribution for gaming, the latest MG...
Then I can let them bury themselves and rest in peace.

hay2393d ago

@Revolver_X_: Yes, that totally makes sense. But... He worked for a publisher, I bet he knows the aches of doing that, I'd like to assume he will self publish his works not to repeat this entire situation again.

DVAcme2393d ago

@SweatyFlorida Not to mention that by going full mobile, Konami will basically become a Japan-centric company now, cause no way they're gonna make money off American gamers by going the PopCap route. I'd even dare say that American audiences were the most expectant of Konami's upcoming games like MGS5 and Silent Hills, and we've been burnt to a crisp by all the crap that Konami's pulled.

Either Kojima will go the Inafune/Iga Kickstarter route or create his own studio, but he'll be fine, he's outgrown Konami anyway.

Necr0philiac2393d ago


I agree. I am sure that Konami was looking at there bottom line when making these moves. Being with a company 20+ years has got to draw a big paycheck plus development costs. I sure Konami's profit margins were small considering how many units it pushed.

If they were trolling and are going to bring Kojima back at E3 just to build hype and get people talking about there games would be crazy and smart at the same time. I would not bet on that though.

Konami failed by putting to much money into IPs that were popular on the PS1 and not developing new IP's and downgrading support and losing lisenses for many of there classic games.

Ike_Broflovski2393d ago

Not that I am supporting Konami at all, I love MGS games and they have been the best of the best each generation.

But having said that I do see the problem with them from a dev standpoint. They are expensive to make and take many years before a saleable products emerges, sometimes not making huge sums of money Konami wants.

Konami doesn't care if the game gets 10/10s across the board if they are not getting mega rich from it it.

Sad but that is the case.

Konami will continue onwards from this exiting the console and games market for good. Did you know that they are one of if not the largest producer of poker machines? Licences for a single machine can be upwards of 1 million dollars for one of those!

I live in a small country town of around 3,000 people and of all the machines in all the hotels 90% are Konami machines. They know where the money is and sadly for us it is not in long drawn out development wise masterpiece games.

Visit a major casino and tell me Konami isn't doing very very well in other more profitable markets.

I just hope that Phantom Pain is seriously good game to finish it all off.

assdan2393d ago

It seriously feels like Konami is tired of existing, so they're just slowly killing themselves.

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DarXyde2393d ago

Konami has existed before Metal Gear, so it would be erroneous to say he's the man who made the company famous. That just sounds like Kanye and Paul McCartney. I would say Castlevania was more popular than the original Metal Gear games back in the day. It was when Metal Gear Solid was released and Castlevania got progressively worse that Kojima's series was held in a higher esteem.

Anyway, who's really surprised anymore? I'm going to say that Ground Zeroes, despite being solid, received some bad reviews based on length alone. That was "A Hideo Kojima Game". I think Konami is counting on releasing The Phantom Pain without it to say, "see? we can do Metal Gear Solid without Kojima!"

Of course, the informed will know right away what's happening, but you have to wonder how many of those millions of fans are informed.

wannabe gamer2393d ago

so you are saying existence = fame.... lol

Ratty2393d ago

"see? we can do Metal Gear Solid without Kojima!"

That actually could explain it. I hadn't thought of that.

DarXyde2393d ago


I elaborated by saying Castlevania was more popular than the original Metal Gear series.

Necr0philiac2393d ago

There seems to be a lot of young gamers on this site. The metal gear games on nes were just ok,that's why they didn't make any for the Snes or Genesis. Metal Gear did not get popular until the PS1. Konami was huge in the arcades, home consoles and PC. They were one of the biggest game company back then. Metal Gear or Revenge of Snake would not be in the top 40 of games they put out in the 80's and early 90's.

Konami now days is a shell of what it used to be.I feel bad for Hideo Kojima, but a least he is getting off the ship before it sinks. I do think the Metal Gear games are over rated and boring but I do like Snatcher though.

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Tdmd2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

Konami is pushing to take EA's crown as the worst gaming company this year. Between Ubi and them, EA better put their heads in the game or they will lose.

Omnisonne2393d ago

They won't be a gaming company before long though..

Unless you count mobile slot machines as gaming

NatureOfLogic_2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

"worst gaming company this year"!? More like all time in my eyes.

kupomogli2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

What has Konami really done in the past gen? I'd say Capcom, Sega, and Square Enix are far worse than Konami on many different levels, even with what Konami has done.

Ratty2393d ago


Those other companies had some bad calls over the years but Konami has had some VERY bad calls over the past two months alone. They're burying themselves at an alarming rate with every new announcement.

Revolver_X_2393d ago

Its all irrelevant. Konami for all intents and purposes will be leaving the console space very soon. So, Im wondering upon their exit, will they sale those IP's? Or will they try to entice gamers years from now with those titles once the mobile market proves to be a dud, as other pubs have already discovered.

Necr0philiac2393d ago


Well Said. I agree completely!

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UltraNova2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

One thing's for sure, something went horribly bad between the two for Konami to act like this. They are actively (desperately?)trying to erase any trace of Kojima, like he never existed. I've never seen anything close to this...

Elda2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

Totally agree!...for Konami to act as if Kojima doesn't exist these 2 must have had a very bad fallout.No matter what..Konami is a fool to try & dissociate Kojima from the MG series knowing that Kojima is the sole core of the series,without him there would be no MG.

UltraNova2393d ago

One would think that the right way to go at it, that is erase the guy, is wait until your biggest money maker is out the gate and let fans/buyers discover that Kojima is nowhere near to be seen in the credits, box etc.

I mean what are they trying to do here? Alienate buyers who are potential Kojima fans?

I seriously refuse to believe that a multi-million dollar company is run by such airheads.

What amazes me even more is that in a day and age where absolutely everything gets leaked the reason behind this debacle managed to stay secret...

DC7772393d ago

Seems like they would only be this extreme if he committed some horrible crime we just don't know of yet. I mean why else do you pretend someone never worked for you?

Whitefox7892393d ago

Starting to believe that anonymous tip in which it stated that Kojima and the CEO of Konami always kept butting heads against each other.

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showtimefolks2393d ago

i am buying MGS used, i rather gamestop or another gamer on ebay get the money than kojima. I know this way kojima also looses money but not as much as konami will loose

you had a good thing going so seriously ETF happened?

everyone was super excited about new silent hill yet you cancelled it

and now you want to take credit away from a man who made MGS, this is why in the future more developers will want to hold on to their IP's like insomniac did the fuse and sunset over drive. respawn did with titanfall, cd red project owns the witcher 3 IP

PES 2015 was amazing and finally brought the game back to its glory days now you cancelled that too

its like konami is trying to go out of business on purpose

shu yushida get on your phone and get Kojima production under playstation banner and let him do whatever he wanrts

DarkOcelet2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

I have never seen everyone excited for a horror game like Silent Hills since a long time. It could have been an overwhelming success for them.

I cant believe this is really happening.

kraenk122393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

"i rather gamestop or another gamer on ebay get the money than kojima"

It seems you are confusing kojima with konami, right?!

Revolver_X_2393d ago

If Kojima is indeed a freelance dev, by what has been reported, then no, Kojima wont be hurt from your used purchase. Kojima will not receive bonuses if he has been demoted to freelance. In this logic, I also will only by MGS5 used.

showtimefolks2393d ago


No doubt I didn't think of it that way. You are right Kojima won't be affect by it if he is a free Lancer

I hope a lot of people buy the game used

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caseh2393d ago


"He is the man who made you famous from the first damn place."

Yeah totally, because Konami didn't produce some of the finest arcade games known to man before Metal Gear was even an idea let alone a game. /s

DarkOcelet2393d ago

But right now if you ask anyone, 'where do you know Konami from?'

Most likely the answers will be, 'from MGS series and Silent hill.

Old school fans will say from Castlevania, Mgs, Silent Hill and Suikoden.

And they ruined all that.

caseh2393d ago

I see where you're coming from but for old timers like me it's games like Sunset Riders, TMNT and Track & Field that defined Konami.

Games like Castlevania and MGS are just great games they've added to that roster along the way. As soon as a company is defined by a handful of recent games it won't be long before people stop giving a toss about them.

warczar2393d ago

Yeah totally, because Konami didn't produce some of the finest arcade games known to man before Metal Gear was even an idea let alone a game. /s

Which means you only have to go back to 1990 to find a good Konami arcade game. Kojima kept them relevant.

showtimefolks2393d ago


So you are right but that was in early 90's since than its been Kojima that have kept in gamers minds

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cannon88002393d ago Show
Godz Kastro2393d ago

I dont think Konami cares. Supposedly they have many other ventures. Video games was just a small piece. From the way they are handling this situatuion i gather they are trying to get out of the gaming business.

At this point they dont have a choice with the black eye this entire thing has caused.

UNKLE2393d ago

He's not an enemy calm down!! This the new s3 plan! from kojima.

3-4-52393d ago

* He and the employees could screw them even more by refusing to finish the game.

It would cost Konami a ton of money to bring in a new team and finish the game, but then the fans wouldn't get there game or a lesser version.

* So Konami is using this as leverage against him.

Shady corporate business tactic. People like that only want money so they screw everything else up in favor of money.

Not even a MGS fan really, but Konami definitely is kicking it's fans in their precious.

DarkSniper2393d ago

Hideo Kojima making a Silent Hill game for fans such as Dark Sniper was a dream(nightmare)come true. With his propensity to break the fourth wall in several of his games, Kojima would have undoubtedly found a creative way to speak directly to the player in the recently cancelled Silent Hills game. PlayStation®4 owners have been robbed of what could have been a classic. 

If Dark Sniper had to make a prediction, this generation will be the one where a lot of gaming divisions are going to go down in flames. The economy simply does provide the capital that is needed to develop the AAA titles that we are accustomed to enjoying. In theory, mobile gaming does seem to be a logical step in minimizing costs and maximizing profit. Doing so, Konami will alienate the core audience who got them there. 

We could very well be approaching another video game crash, especially in the Japanese market. Whoever ends up signing Hideo Kojima, will end up being part of the comeback of Japanese gaming. 


Syntax-Error2393d ago

Hey Ocelot, are you a moronic 12 year old?! Since when did Kojima make Konami famous? Just because you entered gaming in the 90's doesn't exempt you from knowing that Konami has been successful without Metal Gear. Why do you think they don't give a rats ass that he leaves. Before you start Konami bashing, why don't you find out what made the relationship turn sour. You have no clue what went down, so sit down and shut up somewhere

DarkOcelet2393d ago

How am i a 12 year old when i entered the gaming in the 90s?

Makes no sense at all :P

Bobby Kotex2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

I'm in direct contact with the CEO of Konami, and rest assured, the best Metal Gear and Silent Hill games have yet to come.

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Neonridr2394d ago

Next up Konami will go into the game and remove Kojima's name entirely and pretend like he had nothing to do with the game.. lol

DarkOcelet2394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

Kojima and His team deserves better than this $hitty company that don't appreciate the hard work those people have to done to make those masterpieces.

I had a great time...

Team Silent
Kojima Productions
Igarashi and his team

You guys made the best games. Hopefully you do better without this POS company.

kagon012393d ago

Capcom did that with Okami...

NicSage2393d ago

I'd like to know what Kojima has to say, from himself.

SaveFerris2393d ago

Hopefully one day we will find out the truth about Kojima, the head transplant Doctor, and The Patriots

UNKLE2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

What if kojima had a headtransplant in secret???

TeamLeaptrade2393d ago

Same here. Has he even spoke up at all about it? I wonder what he has to say. Hopefully he can find a new home fast, can't wait to see what he does next.

The93Sting2393d ago

Konami be diggin' their own grave super quickly. Lol.. Just wow. They're acting like spoilt children!
Well *#@&+ you Konami. That's way too much

Benjammin252393d ago

You know, I've recently started thinking that this may be a massive prank by Kojima himself. There's no way Konami are so stupid as to keep dragging their already ruined name through the mud. When the world already hates you, this is the last thing you should be doing.

warczar2393d ago

At first I thought the same thing but what's there end game? I don't see the benefit of pissing off a large portion of your fan base.

MasterCornholio2393d ago

Dont tell me these pricks are going to remove Kojima from the credits OF HIS GAME?


Omnisonne2393d ago

That would be a very low move..

Imean atleast have the decency then to leave the credits to the actual creators, not just paint ''Konami'' over it.

I hope thats not the case though