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By now, it’s accepted that entries in the Shin Megami Tensei franchise are candidates for remakes down the road, a tradition that started 20 years ago with a remake of the original Megami Tensei games. These were the two Famicom games, created before “Shin” was added to the name, before Atlus was even the publisher. They made the jump from Famicom to Super Famicom before the 3 separate versions of Persona 3 were even a consideration.

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konorbeatz1279d ago

It's actually Devil Survivor 2, not Summoner! Different spinoff, but still I'm glad to see this reviewing well. Hopefully can pick it up sometime soon!

passthemstickss1279d ago

Thanks - the post and link have been updated.

passthemstickss1279d ago

The link above will no longer work - it's been updated to show "Devil Survivor 2". Previously, it incorrectly showed "Summoner". New link below.