Windows 10 Mobile beta gets its 'Xbox On' in new update

From "Windows 10 Mobile preview is saying "Xbox On" in the latest update for its phones and tablets software.

Microsoft's operating system beta lets Xbox Live gamers dive into their achievements, friends lists and Games DVR clips.

Ensuring that you'll never miss a moment with messages and alerts directed at your gamertag are here too. Notifications include activity alerts and messages.

More Xbox One functionality is promised in the coming week..."

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Brisco1279d ago

Most of this is alrdy in the smartglass app I believe?

Kribwalker1279d ago

I think it's being integrated directly into the phone now

Moldiver1279d ago

Confirmed: Im getting a windows phone. bye bye android.

KarmaV121279d ago

I'm with ya, but I'm waiting for that one windows phone to be announced that is on pair in terms of hardware with what I have now. T-Mobile doesn't get many Windows Phones sadly.

Moldiver1279d ago

Im on t-mobile/EE. I only see the lumia 640 at the moment, on their website. hopefully they have more options when I upgrade at the end of august.

Also...check out some beats I made today guys!

mcstorm1279d ago

I have been using Windows phone for a few years now and never missed IOS or Android. Just got a Microsoft Band too and I have to say its impressive. Now seeing windows 10 (Have the Beta on my PC) and windows mobile 10 I think things are looking up for Microsoft in terms of what the offer I just hope they can push the phones/tablets/xbox and PC well to get the sales they will deserve.

falviousuk1279d ago

Already got a lumia 735 and don't regret it one bit. Its a far better phone than the iPhone and a better os than android.

WhyHate1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

I have the Lumia 521 as my second phone. It's a low end low cost phone, but even with that being said it's definitely a great phone and feature rich.

I'm waiting to upgrade in the next wave of phones after Windows 10 releases on mobile.