ZTGD | Brawl Review

Dave Payerle writes: Way back in the olden days of dialup, multiplayer gaming actually required the multiple players to be in the same place. Games like Mario Kart, Goldeneye and Super Monkey Ball are memorable first and foremost because they were loads of fun to play with a group of people. Brawl takes one of the popular party game styles (Bomberman), and dresses it up with dark characters and settings. Unfortunately, the visual aesthetic gets more attention than anything else, and Brawl fails the fun test.

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ind1fference1257d ago

It's better than Basement Crawl...but not by much

MikeBlooberTeam1257d ago

Try playing yourself if you haven't got a chance to do it. You'll see it's not that bad. This review is very harsh, which is fine, it's the reviewers right to write what he thinks. But I would say it's not that hard to learn how to play. Just read the characters' description and you'll know everything. There are also modes that are very easy to pick and play without learning how to do that. So generally I wouldn't say it's 4/10 game. It's better.

ind1fference1256d ago

I have Brawl(and Basement Crawl) and I can respect what Blooper did in trying to salvage the work that went into BC into Brawl but it's rough - an objective improvement but rough.