Can shooters prepare you for the SAS?

An experienced gamer goes out with the SAS to see if his skills work in the real world - and they do! Don't tell Jack Thompson, now.

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pwnsause4649d ago

but you cant respawn in real life though

silverchode4648d ago

dont tell siligon that or he wont join.

toughNAME4649d ago

It's from Offical Xbox expected

JsonHenry4648d ago

Other than hand eye coordination improvements I cant imagine what it is a video game would teach me to be a better soldier.

Although I am very keen to pick up movements, even slight movements compared to my mates. But I have a hard time finding things sitting still. My keys could be right in front of me and I will not see them when I am looking for them. But I can catch the movement of an earth worm in the grass... all thanks to FPS video games!

Bloodwar4648d ago (Edited 4648d ago )

wasn't he losing or maybe has aleady lost his bar licence by now? At least in Florida for being an EPIC FAILURE of a lawyer? This is good news for the militaries of the world. All children are easily trainable right out of high school to join the military.... maybe not even have to go to basic training. The kids walk into boot camp.. they give them their guns and boots and camo and then send them straight to jump school and start teaching them how to jump from airplanes... oh wait-- some video games have already taught the kids that as well.. ohh welll... I guess it is time to invade Iran. Sweet. hehe

Games like Battlefield:Modern Combat and Call of Duty 4 are teaching the Middle East to be suicide bombers so just be careful going in.

matchgrade4646d ago

"Games like Battlefield:Modern Combat and Call of Duty 4 are teaching the Middle East to be suicide bombers so just be careful going in."

Not only is that woefully false, but that may be the most stereotypically racist comment i've seen on this site.

iamtehpwn4648d ago

Hell, I would START wars if you could respawn.

Domenikos4648d ago

3 secs respwn... yes maybe

GametimeUK4648d ago

I woonder what it feels like... probably feels nice... mmm respawngasm

bosels114648d ago

well in the early nineties I was in marine corps fast company - urban war swat team like unit, and I can tell you that video games wont do sh!t for you in real life. I think its stupid to even suggest it. For one, geeky video game makers have no idea what its like to actually be there FOR REAL. I went to Panama in 89 w/SEALS and Desert Storm. I would have hated it if it was the same, because I have died many times in video games, and obviously not once in real life LOL. To say its even remotely close is flat out stupid!

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TwissT4648d ago

I think COD4 actually helps you with shooting because of how the sights are very close to their real life counterparts.

socomnick4648d ago

Yes and no. Cod 4 does have some pretty realistic iron sights. It however does not teach you proper shooting technique and breathing practices. It also does not realistically show how it is to aim with iron sights . When aiming down the sights almost all of your surroundings are kinda blurred.

Hagaf224648d ago

EXACTLY SOCOM... fps games dont take in to account the difficulty of proper breathing techniques, or sight usages... video games are just games, not learning aids, though the military does have simulators and aides very similar to video games. theres alot more to shooting than holding the aim button and shooting in the area of the enemy.

GametimeUK4648d ago

"theres alot more to shooting than holding the aim button and shooting in the area of the enemy."

Not when I have a gun there isnt

matchgrade4648d ago (Edited 4648d ago )

See you in Iraq then.

jon12344648d ago

no no no! its not the same! u think playing a game is the same to shooting in real life??! i bet u havent even shot a gun, its not the same, playing a video game isnt gonna teach u how to shoot a gun, let alone hit a target, this article is BS!

Omegasyde4648d ago

Nope the only thing videogames do is help desensitize the horrible realty that combat is.

Unfortunately so does TV and Movies, as I have seen some other fellow Marines in Iraq do some stupid f***** up sh** and then not think twice about the possible consequences.

bosels114648d ago

it doesnt matter how realistic the sights are in a game - I spent 10 years in Marine Infantry and can tell you that COD4 doesnt even come close to shooting at something in real life. Like Socom said you concentrate on the sight and it makes surroundings blur, AND a rifle ways a lot more than a PS3 or 360 controller, plus your breathing and how steady your hands are too. Whoever disagrees, I am speaking from years of personal experience out of and in war.

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254648d ago

i must be a master swordsman in real life. lol

bosels114648d ago

exactly - comparing games to real life situations is ludicrous.

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