ARK Arrives In 2016

What do you get when you mix Jurassic Park, add in a dash of Sims, and throw in some Halo? You get ARK: Survival Evolved! In 2016 join hundreds of other players as you embark on a journey to find out just how you came to be in this land before time called the ARK. Fighting, cooperating, and taming dinosaurs are all elements you'll experience in this unique twist on the classic game of survival!

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RobAlmighty1306d ago

How do you even think this is anything like the Sims or Halo...

Sinexx1306d ago

ARK: Survival Evolved and Halo: Combat Evolved. The similarities are drastic! /s
In all honesty, looking forward to this game. It is nice to see a game debut with legit gameplay, instead of a five minute cinematic trailer.

BitbyDeath1306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

The latest FAQ says you can do all sorts of crazy stuff that goes well beyond the family friendlyness of Halo and Sims. Expect a solid R rating...

TysonJones1305d ago

I more said those two because they're solid representations of their genres, which mix well in what ARK is doing.

s45gr321305d ago

If I buy this on early access, what features would you like me to ask game developers.

TysonJones1305d ago

This is just me, but I would personally ask them if they'll be any more to the taming of Dinos and other animals than just transportation. Like will there be certain mini-games I can play with them or something like that.

s45gr321305d ago

Ok I. will ask them that, also check out among the sleep a game I kickstarted (publish) great survival horror

s45gr321305d ago

This may be my second early access game that I buy.

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