2AwesomeStudio Kickstarter Failed as 7K Pledge Gets Removed at the Final Stretch

Dimension Drive was fully funded, only for a seven thousand euro pledge to be removed at the final stretch, causing the campaign to fail.

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SynGamer1252d ago

Agreed. At the same time, they were still $7k short. Hopefully they regroup, perhaps adjust their goal ($25k?) and succeed on a second try.

DanielEndurance1252d ago

That sucks, team must be super disappointed.

NovasRevenge1252d ago ShowReplies(3)
Enigma_20991252d ago

... do the people who pledged get their money back, or just that @$$hat? Cause if not, I call foul.

BinaryMind1252d ago

No, they only take money if it succeeds.

Kalebninja1252d ago

Which is why they should've gone with indiegogo, they wtheyouldve been able to use that money anyway.

Enigma_20991252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )


... how much easier do you want it to be for people to abuse this service? That's exactly what they should NOT do. It's already a big leap of faith as it is, giving money for a product that doesn't even exist. Plus, you don't even know if the person is will make good on their kickstarter.

Elit3Nick1252d ago

There's a special place in hell for this kind of troll

TedCruzsTaint1252d ago

Nothing better to do but stomp on the efforts of others.
Glad my life isn't so pathetic.

Nio-Nai1252d ago

How is it a troll though?

They were 7k short without him, That means that the project wouldn't have been completed anyways because they were still short.

As soon as that 7k popped in the last few hours you should have known it was a fake account. No one is going to drop 7000 on something they get nothing back from. Ever.

TedCruzsTaint1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

First off, it gives the developers, along with the community who wishes to see this project complete, false hope.
Secondly, don't even pretend like Kickstarter never produced a quality product. Keep in mind one of the highest rated games of the year was a product of Kickstarter.
Same for last year.

Also, nothing in the article states that it was posted in the last few hours. Only that it was pulled at the end of the campaign.
They could have been sitting on that the entire campaign through.

And if you are talking about perks for the backers themselves, well, they exist in the form of the reward goals.

Anything else?