Destiny – House of Wolves DLC, Should You be Excited?

Bungie will drop Destiny's newest expansion 'House of Wolves' on May 19th, the question is, should you be excited?

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FamilyGuy2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

gtfo, I'm excited. Can't wait, I've even been building my reputation in crucible, vanguard and crypto so I can get those new reputation level packages rewards right after it drops and hopefully get a bunch of new stuff.

3-4-52392d ago

Just started playing again so yea, but I still am catching up on the last dlc as well.

3-4-52391d ago

How can anyone disagree with that?

As if they know my playing habits.

Weird world we live in.

KingKelloggTheWH2392d ago

I just can't make myself care. After all the nerfing I just got tired of the game, I dont want to grind anymore. It is just frustrating.

NovasRevenge2392d ago

no new raid was the biggest mistake they made with this dlc. instead we get a glorified horde mode. so NO im not excited BUT if raids were too hard for you and you like mindless boring no skill or thought requirement horde modes then yeah you should be excited.

FamilyGuy2392d ago

Horde mode with objectives and bosses, not to mention that the level 35 version has yet to be seen and will likely hold some surprises.

The elimination mode seems pretty interesting too, if you're a competitive person.

MysticStrummer2392d ago

Ah yes the old "if you disagree with me you must suck" approach.

OT - If you still enjoy the game as many do, then yes you should be excited.

bananaboats2392d ago

It gives me more stuff to so I'm happy

DOSemp2392d ago

regretted for purchasing the digital version

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