Destructoid Review: NERO

NERO is very much an experience piece in all senses. It's the projected portrayal of what a little boy goes through in his mind to help deal with real-world problems. And with regard to the player: you just have to experience it. A written description will never adequately explain what it's like to be dropped into the game's world for five minutes, ten minutes, three hours -- however long you'd like really.

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Hoffmann1279d ago

I approved this to add the last two missing approvals

- Hoffmann...banned on Destructoid <3

christocolus1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Great Score.Kind of reminds me of Ori..

Lionalliance1279d ago

Wonder why is not coming to the ps4, since it's coming to the xbox and wiiu, even the 3ds!

jznrpg1278d ago

Not sure , maybe a deal with MS. They probably dont see Nintendo as a competitor.

XanderZane1279d ago

Looks interesting, but I'm not paying $20 for it. Maybe when it goes on sale or becomes one of XB1 Free GOLD games, I'll check it out. Glad it got a great review though. We need more games like these.

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