Rocket League Blasts Into Second Closed Beta on Playstation 4

Psyonix the globally-renowned independent developer and publisher of Rocket League announced today that its second round closed beta for the PlayStation®4 will begin. After the huge success of the first round with a hundred thousand games played, half a million goals scored, and nearly 1 million miles driven. Psyonix will release another batch of limited multiplayer Beta vouchers for consumers in both Europe and North America on a first-come, first-serve basis (Beta keys from the first test will still be accepted; no need to sign up for a new key).

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Stevefantisy2234d ago

hopefully I get into this round of beta :/

Cra2yey32234d ago

Just go sign up. 99% chance they emai you a code

nX2234d ago

Just sign up, you should get in. I hope the final version releases soon, this might become my favourite game of all (yes, all) time. Tons of endless fun :)

RAM0N 2234d ago

I still have my beta key so im in hell yeah

Cra2yey32234d ago

Why are people disagreeing for no reason. Lol game is fun as hell.

BlackTar1872234d ago

The game is super duper fun according to everyone who i know that plays it. Like 5 friends and me in the Beta i just haven't had a chance to try it yet.

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