Assassin's Creed; A Rant

Good game, better game, okay game, bad game, bad game, very good game, bad game, good game. Pull yourself together, Ubisoft. Well, let the ranting begin!

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phoenixwake1306d ago

It all went wrong with Brotherhood. They split up the teams, started to make annual releases. The storyline suffered, not enough new ideas were implemented (seriously, Revelations's biggest innovation was a hookblade - for climbing a bit better). It reached boiling point when they out Call-of-Dutied Call of Duty and released two AAA games in one year.

Lack of focus, development/QA timeline and oversaturation has killed this franchise for me. And AC 1 and 2 showed that is was one of the most amazing and promising new IPs from "last gen". Too bad.

ThrowingDigitalSheep1306d ago

While Revelations sucked, Ubisoft still managed to release some good games after Brotherhood.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag was good. So was Rogue. And had Ubisoft ensured that Unity was not filled with bugs on release and maybe added a little... pizzazz to the story, Unity would have been a hit, too.

I'm a fan, I still believe if Ubisoft can get it's act together and say good-bye to the rushed yearly releases, it can salvage the franchise.