Has Konami cancelled PES?

According to the latest financial results and forecasts from Konami they are only releasing a single global title for consoles this year and it isn’t Pro Evolution Soccer.

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WobblyOnion2827d ago

I hope so. All the series does all the time is get people's hopes up, and then destroy them.

GavinMannion2827d ago

There are a bunch of sites out there claiming a release date of October but why would Konami leave it out of their financials entirely?

bouzebbal2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

PES2015 kicks any FIFA game to date. the next gen 2015 i'm talking about.. i had both FIFA15 and PES2015 on PS4 and FIFA really is a super flawed game with no simulation feel in it.

if true then this is sad news for long time PES fans, especially after an excellent PES2015 and FIFA losing quality since 13.

nX2827d ago

I hope this is not true, PES15 is the best football game ever created... and I can't play Fifa anymore without getting annoyed by it.

ThePope2827d ago


I play FIFA everyday and I love it. Can you give me an idea what's so much better about PES?

I'm asking honestly because I love Football and if I'm not playing the right game I need to know.

Dark_king2827d ago

@ThePope Im not into football games myself but it seems almost universal that people agree PES is the better game.Though as to if your playing the wrong one are not it appears you might not be as there might not be another PES game.

nX2826d ago


The first thing I tell people on this topic is that in PES every single player plays different and most importantly, like he plays in real life. You know exactly what you can do with them if you know their strengths and playstyle in real life. In FIFA this distinction is not so apparent which makes different matches feel similar. The next big pro for PES are the advanced controls, it's just a better "game" in terms of learning curve and flow once you get the hang of it. Also I have to mention the referees, FIFA has different "moods" of referees that make a lot of mistakes... while PES has only one kind of referee who is right pretty much 95% of the time. I could name a few more things but honestly, just try out the demo and see for yourself.

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Baka-akaB2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Except the last title they actually recovered a bit and did good . It was actually doing a lot to regain people's faith in the title . Except with as usual an average or even poor online .

So yeah short of removing themselves completely from console gaming , that is stupid

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3-4-52827d ago

PES 2015 was a really good game.

I've owned both PES & Fifa for the past few years and I appreciate the differences within each.

It would be a sad day to see PES canceled.

It existing pushes EA to have to try with Fifa, which is one of the reasons why Fifa remains consistently good.

* Imagine how much better Madden could be if it had a real competitor.

ssj272826d ago

No soccer game will fulfil our wildest dream, PES15 was the best so far and obviously has it flwflaws but 1000 times better than the old ones or it competition.

PES is a franchise that generates a lot of money to konami with millions of sale warranty every year it's their best IP and is confirmed to have more license this year and etc no way is cancelled. Keep dreaming fifa fanboys haha the king PES is a iP that will continue forever because is profitable, it was just last year that they open a new studio in UK to help the japon studio to complete and make the game better. And this month they just started or finish recording new commentators for the game.

showtimefolks2826d ago

What I really don't get is what the hell happened. I mean PES2015 is an amazing game and finally brought the series back to its glory days, so why would you kill the ip now is beyond me

silent Hill

Why are you doing this konami? Just why

And to those saying MS can buy them, from what I have read only a Japanese company would be able to buy another Japanese company. No American company can buy an Japanese company

I read this when all the fuss was going around about Capcom

I for one just don't get konami. But I am very glad that Kojima is a free man now

Also Kojima was the vice president of konami if I am not wrong.

Konami put your IP'S on sale

Don't you better not screw this up

silent Hill

You must buy

Don't disappoint me like you did when you didn't buy the darksideers ip and give the reigns to Sony Santa Monica

Screw you konami

benji1012826d ago

Sales were not great. Simple answer. It only did like 25K in Japan. Or something stupid. They probably should have put it on the wii u. It needed the game and instead they put it on the PS4, which at the time had a very low install base in Japan, of whom most had bought the system for games like Metal gear. Soccer games are casual and family games market.

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Darranged2827d ago

So much for that PES Dispenser.

MasterCornholio2827d ago

Sounds like Konami really wants to leave the gaming industry.

freshslicepizza2827d ago

i wonder what the reaction will be if at e3 it's announced microsoft bought konami

italiangamer2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

I will blow my brains out, every team that MS touches becomes utter SHIT. And besides, like as already been said Konami makes more money from casinos and other non gaming related business so there is literally 0 chance for that to happen.

MasterCornholio2827d ago

What if Sony buys Kojima productions and puts Hideo at the head of it? And then they announce Silent Hills as an exclusive to the system?

Anyone can try to predict the future.

The_Sage2827d ago

I would shrug my shoulders. No Kojima, no Silent Hills, Castlevania has went of the rails, as well as Silent Hill... With that said.... I would shrug.

freshslicepizza2827d ago

or better yet, nintendo goes for it. we all know this site favors sony fans so of course that is where they want them to stay. i only mention the other two because we know it would cause a serious meltdown. microsoft could use konami to catapult its existence in japan but that country is dead set against the xbox brand from day one so i don't see it being a prosperous adventure there but konami's ip's still hold weight around the world.

konami could offload its gaming assets to someone else if they are no longer interested in console gaming.

mcstorm2827d ago

@moldybread your spot on. I don't see Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft buying them but seeing what Microsoft are doing under Phil and that they want to expand the Xbox brand to more than the UK and US it would be a good move by them. If you remember Microsoft also pushed PES last gen. I don't see it happening though.

MasterCornholio2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

"we all know this site favors sony fans so of course that is where they want them to stay. "


Your so funny.

Take off the tin foil hat. This site doesnt favor Sony fans nor is it run by them.

Its called News for Gamers for a reason.

MysticStrummer2827d ago

The only two titles of theirs I care about are dead, so I'd call that a non-story.

BlackTar1872827d ago


People seem to take the fact that the PS is way more pop. as a sign of being run by said fans. Never once do they consider the fanbase is at least 2:1 when buying a console why wouldn't the community reflect that?

It's as if these poor fans of other consoles have it so rough and that they really have the same amount of fans and are being smothered or covered up. It's hilarious Sony is basically owning the market and thus the community is the same. It's not some great injustice to other system fans.

_-EDMIX-_2826d ago

lol, Konami isn't really worth much, consider with all the ace developers gone, it really means nothing. I'm not sure MS wants to pay operating cost to a teams who make games that don't even sell in japan on their system.

Its like what I stated about Sony buying Capcom, it can go both ways, though Sony is funding several capcom games, Capcom also has LOTS of its old devs gone, not sure they would want to buy an IP without those main team members, consider those game sales are only great across 3 or even 4 systems. Putting them on 2 systems limits sooooo much money and their worth.

RE, Monster Hunter and Street Fighter is all Capcom's worth right now.

Konami even LESS! I predict Sega might buy some of Konami's IPs or even have Kojima as they've bought teams many times before, have stayed true to japanese design with many of ex-capcom developers etc.

They've left many games up to its creators so I feel Sega would be willing to buy some of those ips.

ie I don't see Konami JUST LIKE THQ just selling their ips to just 1 team, mark my words, Konami will sell its ips to many of the highest bidders, Sega will buy some of em.

As Sega bought Relic when THQ was going under, also bought Atlus.

DaReapa2826d ago

@ _-EDMIX-_

If Konami were to sell this IP, I don't think there would be a more opportune time for 2K Sports to step in and further strengthen the competition PES was giving to FIFA.

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Toiletsteak2827d ago

I never really hear anyone mention PES, i haven't played one for years. If i get a Football game i go with FIFA.

italiangamer2827d ago

Thats because you dont live in Italy, Asia or South America.

Stringerbell2827d ago

Yeah the Italian PES community is huge- I've played a lot of great players from there!

Khajiit862827d ago

Fifa is better in the last 4 or so years but when PES was first introduced it was the far better football game. I mean in Fifa 2000-12 or so you couldnt even score outside of the box.. that is not realistic at all. I watch football and there is a lot of bomb shots from crazy distances and PES always had the better mechanic's where they lagged behind Fifa was animations but the gameplay in PES always felt much better. Fifa 2012 and after is when Fifa got back to being the king of football. Now in 2015 you can score all kinds of goals.

PES 2015 and Fifa 2015 are both amazing and as a football fan it was good to see that. I will be sad if PES dies out now, Fifa can start becoming like Madden and do whatever they want because there is no where else for us to turn.

WilDRangeRfc2826d ago

I was the same until I bought Fifa 15,what a pile of shite,scripted play,uneven unbalanced multiplayer that requires no skill the matches are almost pre determined,straight garbage
I traded it for PES 15 on PS4 which actually requires skill and a passing game,PES 15 destroys Fifa 15 no joke

jbl3162827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Not sure about it being cancelled. Community Manager answered me on Twitter. He laughed about the thought of it being cancelled.

GavinMannion2827d ago

Not much of a response....

jp_footy22827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Some times a little says a lot?

bouzebbal2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

what is that then? a question?
he was laughing at the question... i usually answer moron questions by just laughing..

Khajiit862827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Its a face with tears of joy if you hover over the smiley. Maybe hes happy he can work elsewhere?

@error13 below

I tried agreeing with that post 20 times.

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