Is Episodic Gaming Ruining the Industry?

Publishers have recently been entering into the episodic game model, which is dividing a game into chapters and publishing them in a sequence over the course of a few months. This has become a phenomenon in the gaming industry, as the trend started out as a low-risk purchase alternative to AAA titles, which have been letting gamers down lately (Assassin’s Creed Unity, for example). But is it more dangerous than once thought?

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ValKilmer1258d ago

Yes and Double Fine are the worst offenders yet. Releasing a game in two parts for absolutely no reason other than to make more money was pathetic.

wheresmymonkey1258d ago

How exactly did Double Fine make more money? the second episode of Broken Age was a free update. So they made the exact same amount of money they would have if they had just waited and released it all in one go.

showtimefolks1258d ago

welcome to gaming industry today where gamers will make comments which are so unture its not even funny

AudioEppa1258d ago

Nope. I like it. Hope more do it.

Magnus1258d ago

i like them they just don't pump them out fast enough. So many franchises TellTales can do for a game.

FattyBoy3D1258d ago

I like these games. Telltale do good work and Life is strange was really good as well. If u don't like them don't buy them but Im not sure how they can ruin the industry. Isnt variety the spice of life?

OrangePowerz1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

Yay another "does X ruin the industry?" article.

No it doesn't and are we really complaining now about paying 20-25 bucks for something that is 10 hours long? Better don't buy movies or go to the cinema since you pay more per hour there.

Like I said in the past the games "media" is on a very dangerous course by constantly trying to tell the industry what and how to do when they have no idea about the industry. While most of the article was ok the negative part was baseless. The purpose of gaming journalism is to present the readers with information not by trying to push the readers in the direction that suits your views. The gaming "media" is becoming the gaming version of Fox news by constantly trying to get people to hate the same thing that they hate and dislike instead of informing the readers. I just have to look at the Battlefront articles that went on about how there is no singleplayer content when in reality there is, just because they need to push their agenda of "we don't like that and we need to convince others that they shouldn't like it either". /Rant over

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The story is too old to be commented.