Killzone 2 Developer - "A.I Was Toned Down Quite A Lot"

Over at the official Killzone 2 site, Guerrilla games developer motherh666 was asked about Killzone 2 A.I in which he replies that, the "A.I Was Toned Down Quite A Lot" so they could properly demonstrate the game to the press.

Guerrilla Games - Developer motherh666:

"Yes, it was toned down quite a lot. When putting games on pods it is more important for us to show as much of the game as possible, rather than making the life of the person playing it difficult. The demo was fairly tame."

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BananaSlug3743d ago

like they do in most demos

HighDefinition3743d ago

F**k off w/ all the hate.

GG is one there way to creating a masterpiece of a FPS, @ this point I personally think it looks and moves better than Crysis, I didn`t think that would actually happen.

sonarus3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Thank God. I was getting scared the game was looking mega easy. The multiplayer is looking crazy nice. My hype level for this game shot thru the roof after E3. Game heavily upstaged R2 for me

The Wood3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

a) never been to any gaming trade event, played there and pwned, played the same game once released and GOT pwned

b) A hater

c) a little naive

People wouldn't like it if they kept getting their fudge packed every time plus it wouldn't make much of a spectacle as people would just give up and the later parts of the maps might not be shown to the onlookers.

TheExecutive3743d ago

A Sony rep said they were playing it on normal so...

decapitator3743d ago

Yeah...and the developer *working* on the game says it was toned them. Who are you going to believe ?

n4gzz3743d ago

i wish it was releasing for august!!!

whoknew3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Edit: NVM. Looking forward to this game, should be a real great game!

TheExecutive3742d ago

I am not saying i dont believe mother hen because I do, i am just saying what a sony rep told people.

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decapitator3743d ago

Kinda makes sense and also the guys have over 6 months left before the game launches. Am sure they will have everything resolved by then. And also, in all honesty, the multiplayer aspect of this game has me sold already.

THC CELL3743d ago

in other words killzone was set on easy

god what will hard be like

decapitator3743d ago

Nah, actually they revealed that it was on normal HOWEVER, it was tamed down as well. If all the pieces were in place, the press would not have been impressed with the game at all because, it might have become a little frustrating dealing with the A.I.

THC CELL3743d ago

easy normal ok

mp alone has sold this game,

people call it cod4 Get a life man
i dont see transport in cod 4 ( would of been if ps3 exclusive)
if anyone calls this call of duty 4 you are not a gamer u are just here for the sake of no life and x box fans gears of war has nooo chance
it will sell yes cause all of u are that dumb to buy game that look the same run the same and well never look better at all just some dlc that could of been added or patches maybe do what GTA is doing with ur episodic content but to be called gears of war 2 Cough 1.5 well

i would like people to look at games like operation flash point
that makes gears look bad i mean its all done before battlefield etc
Mag done before but without the 256 players no lag

talk about little big planet That game people say its for kids
come on....

Killzone is going to kill x box games
hell even R2 has killed the x box
Little big planet

What The F is x box doing Copy and paste ideas and buy out games like ff

Halo best fps for xbox gears great but nothing will ever stop them going to nintendo or sony whatever
just like bioshock did and NG square running to xbox
who says money cant talk

People will be happy that xbox are getting sony games but i am happy u are getting sony games why cause u have F all else on
x box... developers are thinking up new ideas now and i will tell u now only the pc and ps3 can use em.....

The ps3 is future proof
x box is limited
almost dead

PoSTedUP3743d ago

hes right. they dumbed it down for the press. meaning they made them dumb on purpose so they could get through the levels with ease to show off to the press. im sure having good AI is impressive but what good is it for a beginner just wanting to see the whole demonstration? he would have a hard time with it ya know.

thor3743d ago

thc cell, I agree except I don't think killzone multiplayer has vehicles, the ship in the video is just like the helicopter in COD4 (I think!), except you can only call it if you are a particular class. But saying that it is as different to COD4 as any other FPS is, and how many people does COD4 support online? I've only played it on PC and it's up to like 64 players :)

Veryangryxbot3743d ago

Killzone 2 will be UNSTOPPABLE next year.

Im a believer.

H A L O killer.

The promise and the victor.

silverchode3743d ago

wow halo looks like sh!t compared to kz2

Montrealien3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

So the Fanboys want a game that comes out over a year after the launch of Halo 3 and well over 4 years into dev to kill it? Is it just me or is that a little sad?

They are both great games in their own right however for Killzone 2 to kill Halo 3 I think it would have to hop in to a time machine travel to the past and stop Halo 3 from selling 8 million games....

and thC Cell, learn to comment, your posts are nearly incomprehensible, they are just fanboy gibberish in my book.

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Khaqan3743d ago

Phew! I thought the AI was not going to deliver. This yet again proves Killzone 2 will be the biggest game of 2009.

Spydiggity3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

it doesn't PROVE anything until we actually see a demo that proves it.

If it does turn out to be tru, then it might end up being a really good game. I just wish the destructible environments weren't isolated to scripted moments or limited specified locations.
But since we've seen very few games for 2009 in full, it (again) doesn't prove that it's the best game of next year. Plus i think you're forgetting a lot of titles that we already know about that are also going to be big next year...Resident Evil 5 being one of them.

I hate to be the one who always has to use common sense but i should also mention that, graphics aside, we know very little about the multiplayer. and i haven't heard much about game length.

All these things would have to add up to make it "biggest game of 2009."

The Lazy One3743d ago

just for mentioning that the game might (MIGHT) not be the best game next year.

Killzone 2 won't be the best game next year for this simple reason. I heard another developer say that they're game would be the best game next year, and what developers say is always 100% truthful. AMIRITE?!

bigmouth3743d ago

good to hear, that was my only concern is that the enemys didnt look difficult to kill