Xbox Deals with Gold 05/11/2015

Major Nelson posted the Deals with Gold for the week of 5/11/15 and you will be amazed to see what's included. For Xbox One Gold Members will received discounts on Saints Row IV: Re-elected, Saints Row IV: Re-elected & Gat out of Hell, Saints Row Gat out of Hell, Destiny Digital Guardian Edition and Destiny. On Xbox 360 you will find sales on Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, Saints Row IV, Saints Row: The Third, Destiny, Gears Judgement Lost Relics DLC Pack, Gears Judgement Call to Arms DLC Pack, Gears Judgement Total Skins Pack and Gears Judgement Epic Weapon Skin Pack.

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spicelicka1256d ago

Why don't they put the damn destiny DLC on sale. ALready have the damn game I don't want to buy it again in special edition.