Feature: Five Ways Assassin's Creed Victory Can Stop the Series' Rot

Push Square: "It's rare for a renowned series such as Assassin's Creed to get tagged with middling review scores, but we slammed the disappointing Assassin's Creed Unity when it deployed last year. While there was a reasonable experience buried at the release's beating heart, the Parisian escapade also had a laundry list of flaws – the title's copious bugs and glitches securing the most column inches. With the forthcoming Assassin's Creed Victory – thought to be subtitled Syndicate officially – the French publisher needs to respond by righting its predecessor's many wrongs. But what are the five most important things that it needs to address?"

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XeyedGamer1256d ago

Didn't we do this last year?

KeplerNoMore1256d ago

We did it twice last year, Rogue and Unity, also twice this year as well with the chinese themed 2d scroller.

Sir_Simba1256d ago

Yep, welcome to last year. :)

Paytaa1256d ago

Oh we'll be doing this for years to come. Same with CoD articles that will be almost identical to the ones after AW came out but instead it'll be BO3. This cycle has been going on since both series got a sequel.

Findingcrybabies1256d ago

Ubishit baby. Handing you half finished games year after year and charging you for it. Lol!

I'm looking forward to this release. I can't wait to read all of the rage just like I did with Watchdogs and the other AC games. It's fun when you refuse to buy the games and get to enjoy the train wreck.

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pivotplease1256d ago

I would like it if they totally revamped the movement and combat to feel less mechanical. It's just pretending to be fluid and since every movement is kind of scripted your character ends up acting differently from what you input. Another thing...they should really diversify with the settings more. The whole Victorian, Elizabethan, Renaissance, Revolution type settings are nice, but too often it feels like more of the same mundane cities. Something like feudal Japan or medieval Europe or ancient Athens would blow minds.

Finally, they should take a break with the franchise. Same with CoD. Take one of the three or so teams and throw them at a new IP. No one wants to play these franchises for two generations straight and you know theyre all pushing for a third one.

DragonKnight1256d ago

"Finally, they should take a break with the franchise. Same with CoD. Take one of the three or so teams and throw them at a new IP. No one wants to play these franchises for two generations straight and you know theyre all pushing for a third one."

Why? What would not making the games accomplish except keeping games away from people that want to play them? And speak for yourself, I want to play these games for as long as they are made so long as they aren't absolutely horrible and so far the most disappointing game to me in the series was AC3, but even that was still an overall decent game.

I honestly can't understand the mentality of people that keep saying X series needs to die. You don't like it, don't play it, that simple. I don't play CoD at all. I also don't say it needs to die. The only time I could ever see legitimately saying that for a series you can easily stop playing is if the success of said series has a detrimental effect on the genre as a whole, and how many stealth parkour games exist?

N4GDgAPc1256d ago

I also don't understand this take a break for a year. Its like saying Game of Thrones tv series needs to take another year break. I buy the game when it comes out and play it. One year is a good enough wait. Especially AC games are different in production. They got more teams working on different AC games and have a longer development to compared to CoD. I believe they have up to 3 or 4 different teams working on different games and take 3 to 4 years to make.

The 10th Rider1256d ago

Well, there's people that just hate what's popular.

Sometimes though, things just aren't given enough breathing room. Even though each studio works on their game for three years, they're not given time to iterate on what was released the previous year.

It's not the best situation. If someone sees promise in the series and likes the concept, they may be turned off by the frequent releases and lack of iteration.

aquaticDonut1256d ago

Like Ubisoft would put that kind of effort into any of their projects.

Deividas1256d ago

Actually Ubisoft consistently puts out good products...they just need that extra time and a little bit of a push to make some of them really great.

Their games overall are usually well received and score really well and sell well. Pretty impressive actually, especially with how many games they push out every year.

But they should take just a bit more time on some to really push them to really improve them.

deadfrag1256d ago

Its Rot already,just putt his series on ice quickly!

DragonKnight1256d ago

Why? Will keeping the games from people willing to play them prevent you from enjoying other games or force you to play any AC game?

Deividas1256d ago

Right...cause having the option to buy the game is so bad..You dont like the game? Dont buy it, not sure how this is effecting you...

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