What's next for EverQuest and former Sony game unit

“It doesn’t matter what platform you’re on, as long as the game is good,” said Smedley. “So that is what we’re focused on. Now we have a little more breathing room. We can take our time to get things done right.”

According to analysts, SOE/Daybreak was an odd fit inside struggling Sony, which has been selling off some product lines, such as its VAIO computers, to improve its financial results.

Daybreak will be launching new games H1Z1 and EverQuest Next – probably within the next year or so.

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MysticStrummer3361d ago

"We can take our time to get things done right"

They always took their time. I really enjoy the Planetside 2 beta on PS4 but the PC version has been "finished" since 2012 and still has issues. I don't expect console gamers to take to it in a big way, but I do encourage people to check it out when they can. I love it for how different it is from most online FPS.

Everquest and DC Universe Online were and are great MMOs though, so I still support these guys. Looking forward to H1Z1 and Everquest Next.


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chris2352085d ago

it doesn‘t actually speak for human intelligence when such products can be a thing. if everybody used their brain such products would have never made their way to the mainstream. people get what they begged for. and i can‘t for the life of it get such mindsets.