MWEB GameZone | Project CARS - Racing the Slightly Mad Way

MWEB GameZone writes "Project CARS is one of the most anticipated console racing games released this year. There are two major reasons for this. First and most important, it's a viable competitor to the Forza Motorsport series. It's also the first simulation-oriented racer to appear on the PlayStation 4. Second, its creators were behind some of the most compelling simulators created.

So how is the final product? Brilliant, exceptional, daring and a lot of fun - but not without fault."

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SonZeRo1260d ago

looks good, games like this must be played with a wheel, controllers just dont do them justice.

Sillicur1260d ago

Wow this game looks fantastic! Cant wait to try it myself :) Awesome review thank you.

schmoe1260d ago

Damn. Comprehensive & compelling write. Thanks Son. I see a Bathurst endurance run coming up real soon. Please tell me it has the Auzzie V8 supercars in the line up

HanCilliers1260d ago

So happy SM delivered, we've waited so darn long. Would be cool to see some eSports Project Cars events.

plut0nash1260d ago

I foresee this happening, like with GT4 and GT5.