E3 08: Best (and Worst) Trailers

While there's plenty of griping around the internets about a piss-poor E3's boring press conferences and lack of big announcements, GamesRadar saw plenty of great trailers for great games that they can't wait to play. Get the popcorn ready; here are all the don't-miss trailers of the show. GamesRadar also stuck a few stinkers on the last page for LOLs.

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GametimeUK3770d ago

"Now de-racist-ified with Caucasian Africans!"

bullshit... I wouldnt complain if you played as a black dude and went went around killing white guys... It could even have the title honkey killer and I wouldnt be offended... So why the hell do they have to add white people cos a bunch of guys are pissed off calling it racist?

If you ask me people labeling everything racist is a reason why racism is so strong today and is as bad as racism itself

Tacki3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

Yeah, I did think it was funny when they showed gameplay for RE5... there was barely any black people. lol

I think the whole racist thing is absolutely ridiculous. The game takes place in AFRICA! But being that Capcom's a Japanese company I guess they should have just made them all Asian?! /sarcasm

Anyway... I said it before and I'll say it again... Dead Space really took me completely by surprise and I think both trailers (Loved Ones and Lullaby) released at E3 were magnificent.

mesh13770d ago

look at the closet racist talking among them selves angry that they dont get to kill only black people get a life and get trained tbh

beavis4play3769d ago

i've been saying this to anyone who would listen.

TheExecutive3769d ago

lol, honkey killer. I would definitely buy that game...

ChickeyCantor3769d ago

To understand racism you need to be the racist XD

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Close_Second3770d ago

I watched the trailor for Wii Music and I am lost for words. The gameplay*t. I have played the Wii and I still can't figure out what the attraction is and Wii music does nothing to change my opinion.

Spydiggity3770d ago

that Gears of War Trailer is just so cool. i know it has no value in terms of gameplay, it's just done really well. the poem is what makes it. Why is the marketing for Gears so damn good?

chasuk083770d ago

WOW this is one of the most fanboy driven articles ive read all year. Look how much they are hating on the PS3.

Sims 3 - If only home was this interesting
Killzone 2 - Little something for sony faithfuls
Gears of war 2 - Game to beat this holiday. End of story
Wii music - Game legend Miyamoto in the first, and hopefully last, synchronized jump of his career
Madworld- Imagine if that first Gears 2 trailer was actually gameplay footage.

And no resistance 2 or Little big planet ???? Come on didnt lbp win the best of show award ??? Such xbox fanboys

AngryXbot3769d ago

Best trailer of all keynotes, would probably be God of War 3, even though it was just a teaser and short, it blew everything else away.

Best trailer shown on E3 is without any doubt, Killzone 2.

The showings of the multi platform aspects and how far the game has come. My jaw dropped when I saw the footage. Killzone 2 will be unstoppable once it arrives.

NintendoWTF3769d ago

Yeah. Why did someone even bother to post this? If people want worthless crap like this list they can go to

truncheon3769d ago

the cloverfield monster in resistance 2 demo was cool, but the gameplay and the whole running away from the monster sequence was crap compared to what we saw of gears 2. if resistance 2 outsells gears 2 i will eat my hat.

edit: just fyi my hat is made of delicious chocolate truffles

beavis4play3769d ago

the 2 gamersyde "in game" kz2 gameplay videos blew me away. lots of up-close combat and great enviroment destruction.

it's interesting to me that gears gets a pass for being a non-gameplay trailer but if sony does that with a game? they're crucified for it. well, this is why i don't look at certain biased sites for info.

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