Six Dreamcast Games That Demand A Modern Sequel

In the grand scheme of gaming history, the Sega Dreamcast was barely a blip on the radar. Sega's ill–fated console was never the most popular system on the market, and was only officially on store shelves for about a year-and-a-half. Even so, the Dreamcast produced a small number of gaming gems that many of today's fervent gamers might not be familiar with. Now is the time to resurrect these franchises.

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DigitalRaptor1261d ago


Let's hope somebody is in the process of working with Sega to at bring the first 2 games to light on these consoles, because they're not going to do it by themselves. Now I know people complain about HD remasters this gen, but a Shenmue HD Collection should be welcomed by anyone's standards.

The latest rumour is that Sony and Sega are working together on an exclusive project that could be revealed this year.

"Another unnamed IP which is coming to Playstation exclusively from Sega should hopefully be announced next year. It's had teething issues which seems to be making it take longer than I thought, as have most other projects on current gen to be fair from the looks of it, but I'm happy to mention it again because it looks like we might finally get an announcement next year. I'm hoping at least. This one's not a fighting game."

Would be a dream(cast) come true if this project is indeed Shenmue.

TFJWM1261d ago

I'd love another Shenmue, the problem is it would cost too much to do it right. Adjusted for inflation those 2 games have some of the highest budgets ever. If they even came close to matching the budgets of the first 2 they would lose alot of money sadly.

filchron1261d ago

Without a Shenmue 3 it is the gamers who lose sadly...

BenRage31261d ago

I liked Skies of Arcadia so much that I named my cat Vyse. The old bugger is still with me.

An HD remake on the Vita would be awesome.

DawginTow11261d ago

So much Yes to Skies of Arcadia (all possible platforms tho).

SoA was 1 of the defining games of my younger days. Now yrs later, if only just subconsciously, I still find myself comparing new games, particularly open-world, to SoA. "Does it offer the same sense of freedom? Discovery?". You only have so many formative games, & for me SoA was 1 of'em.

Now, I know I'm looking back thru rose-tinted glasses (even back then, random encounters, nooo...), but Man what memories :')

*spoiler alert*
& then u finally get that ability (forget what it's called) where u go above the clouds, so no more random fights; bliss :D
*end spoiler*

Fireseed1261d ago

I would absolutely LOVE a Power Stone 3! It's seriously one of the most fun games to play if you get a group of people together.

ps4fanboy1261d ago

Don't mention the Dreamcast , mine got robbed in a house burglary when they was going strong , and it was chipped! 😿

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The story is too old to be commented.