Chaos Reborn (Hands-On) (PC) Preview | Cubed3

As everyone these days is aware, Kickstarter is ever emerging as the new platform for old ideas. Chaos Reborn is no exception. For Julian Gollop, who was behind the 1985 ZX Spectrum Chaos: The Battle of Wizards, Kickstarter was the means to revive his old ideas for the 21st Century. As many titles have demonstrated in the past, there is definitely still a modern audience craving more niche titles, such as the ones Julian is renowned for, having, incidentally also been behind the original X-COM that has so recently had such a successful revamp. In March 2014, Chaos Reborn went up on Kickstarter with a goal of $180,000, which is easily met a month later, finishing with over $210,000. Now on Steam Early access, Cubed3 goes hands on with the title.

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