Capturing Goats in Toto Temple Deluxe | NWR

Toto Temple Deluxe, due out for Wii U this year, was not on my radar before PAX East 2015. But at the show, a bunch of NWR staffers and friends played a handful of matches. It's a weird game where you control an agile character on a single screen and, in the mode we predominantly played, try to hold onto a goat longer than everyone else. It was fast and frantic, especially because your character has this dash move that launches them straight in a direction. I had fun playing it, but unfortunately I played Runbow immediately afterwards, and that trumped Toto Temple Deluxe something fierce. I think what bugged me a little bit with Toto Temple Deluxe is how loose the characters felt. It was almost like it felt like I had no control.

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