Splatoon Global Testfire Impressions - VgamerZ

Simon O'Neill of VgamerZ jumped head-first into the highly anticipated Splatoon during Nintendo's global server test and promptly laid out everything good and bad with Splatoon.

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N4g_null1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

For the best look at how deep this game is and how skilled players play. This is really cool yet in Japanese. These guys have skill.

dubal-e1260d ago

Not a fair preview. It's a brief Demo. There is a mode to play with your friends if you watched the Splatoon Direct. Everything you complained about is a non issue except for voice chat. I agree with you on that. In 2015 voice chat shouldn't be optional. Its like antilock brakes on a car. They all should have em by now.

Summons751260d ago

They made the reason very clear. People are complaining they need to strategize but go into cod or battlefield or halo. There is no communication, only kids screaming vulgarity. It ruins the online experience. Generally no one had a mic or kids are screaming so why have it at all if you're going to lose players because of it. I had no problem coordinating with my team during the demo so it's not a problem. Would it be nice, of course but too many people ruined it for the rest of us. You want to blame someone blame the kids and trolls.

BluFish1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

That is a non-issue. Implement easy to use mute functionality, and/or set the default voice-chat setting as muted and let people turn it on manually.

We shouldn't be scared to use voice-chat because of a minority of trolls and d-bags. And that's what they are- the minority.

icaruslives1260d ago

They should just have party chat then. I agree with you and I wouldn't like to hear a bunch of 9 year olds calling me names, but having a team and chat for said team would be nice.

By team I mean literally only the people in your designated party, so friends.

icaruslives1260d ago

I was commenting on the demo, not the final product. Nobody knows what the final product will be until it actually arrives, and so I was trying to give my opinion while keeping it as fair as possible (I tried to take in to account everything I could but to me the game just hit me hard with a lot of bad aspects and I wouldn't want to pander to Nintendo by unfairly ignoring them.)

ToxicSushi1260d ago

Loved the demo but will not pay $60 for it. A buy at $40 or less. Also the paint roller is too powerful esp. when all team members roll with it.

icaruslives1260d ago

Agreed. I think they need to show us why it's worth buying at full price!

Concertoine1260d ago

I feel like the charger is underpowered. Not good at covering ground at all.

Also keep in mind there's a ton of free content coming out in the upcoming months.

KaladinStormblessed1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

It's not that overpowered, you just have to figure out how to beat them. I was the top person on my team multiple times using the charger. Rollers have almost no range. Just swim/wait in your ink and Pop up and shoot them or swim to a different angle and take them out. Just have to figure it out.

That was just a demo though, there are more game modes, more maps, more weapons, a single player campaign, customizable clothing that affects gameplay. And don't forget that they're adding new maps for free every few weeks. So I think it's worth $60 dollars. And in August we'll have a huge free update that brings in new modes and maps and hopefully some surprises.

Trolltroll1260d ago

Soooo we review demos now? Lets not take this guy seriously. He thinks there are classes in the game there are not classes just equipment. So you had issues getting into a loby probably because it is a "test run"

dubal-e1251d ago

Yea I thought reviewing a demo was kinda stupid too.