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Mat @ AYMG writes: "I previewed Splatoon a while back at EGX in 2014 and said that it was a “breath of fresh air in one of the most saturated genres in gaming.” Playing the Splatoon Global Testfire today made me feel no different.
If you’ve yet to play Splatoon, it’s basically a frantic battle where teams of 4 try and cover the most ground with their ink. The team with the most at the end of 3 minutes wins. It’s simple and that’s the core of what makes it so fun. Anyone could jump in and within a few rounds be good enough to decent damage to their opponent, yet there’s enough happening for the better players to get their teeth stuck in as well."

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N4g_null1347d ago

You were so right. It's going to be my new addiction. A new video came out that is better than the nintendo direct in America.

Pass it around. It also illustrates why voice chat is not effective and what in your game pad is very important before deployment.