Ubisoft is Driving Gaming as Art

Paul James of BGU writes "It was a rough year for Ubisoft on the technical side, a year that I suspect they won’t be replicating again anytime soon, but in amongst the controversies, hidden behind the large clouds of negativity is something that many of us may not have considered… are Ubisoft leading the ‘Games as Art’ charge?"

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wallis1349d ago

I think you're conflating 'aesthetically pleasing' with art. The examples you mention look nice, and some like rayman are brilliant, but it does not qualify them as more artistic than other non-ubisoft games. In fact, to me games are just art. End of. No need to 'drive' it forward. If other people don't think my past time is artistic and worthwhile that's their problem. Ill just get to enjoy games like papers please, or bioshock infinite, or any other of the many enjoyable and touching experiences the medium has to offer. Whether its loud and angry like battlefield and wolfenstein new blood, or quiet and contemplative like gone home.

wonderfulmonkeyman1349d ago

There are quite a few others I would pick over Ubisoft for that kind of commendation.

TheCommentator1349d ago

I agree. I think it's more like gaming as spam. I find that any game that releases annually gets old. Every other year at a minimum makes more sense so they don't drive great franchises into the ground lke AC and Far Cry.

MysticStrummer1348d ago

"are Ubisoft leading the ‘Games as Art’ charge?"

Not in this dimension.