E3 2008: Nintendo Didn't Lie to Us

A lot of people have been calling foul on Nintendo's E3 press conference, saying that they lied when they promised they would show off games for the hardcore at the event. But the fact of the matter is, Nintendo didn't make such a promise.

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xhairs94453d ago

Looks like a bunch of people just got pwnt.

Baka-akaB4453d ago

I never heard promises neither about showing those games , but thats not the point . Their show sucked hard . If you dont plan to adress HC gamers at E3 , it's your right , just dont ... but dont insult people's intelligence by mentioning "hardcore games" such as Animal Crossing and GTA ds.... and dont expect gamers to find your offering good .

vlazed4453d ago

I would really like to know who is buying all these games because of all the titles Nintendo have announced I am only looking forward to The Conduit and Tales of Symphonia 2. I'll reserve judgment on Pikmin 3 until I see some footage.

CrizzleC244453d ago

They lied to people with wiis' and ds'

nintendojunkie284453d ago

You could honestly say that for the other 2 as was a pretty lame e3.That being said there was a few cool announcements and also a lot of new trailers made available which is always good.

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The story is too old to be commented.