Destiny: House of the Wolves - Dreg's Promise is the first exotic officially presented by Bungie

One of the things that drives Destiny's players to repeat hundred of times the same things is the promise of new and posh firearms. The first exotic presented for House of Wolves is an arc Sidearm, Dreg's Promise

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masterfox1259d ago

damn Bungie put some bit of effort when creating things, that thing looks freaking horrible!

joab7771259d ago

I know. Doesn't it? Its like these things are made with a random generator.

But I havnt played in months. What is bow damage? Just damage? Or is it like solar?

InTheLab1259d ago

Might be bad translation. It's clearly an arc weapon. And yeah the stats aren't winning me over.

FamilyGuy1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

It's the pistol that Dreg's carry/shoot at you. Kill one and you can see their gun lying on the ground. It's already been confirmed that the Captain enemy types shotgun will be an exotic as well. It'd be awesome to get the Stealth Vandal Swords though.

You worry about the design when it's been in the game as an enemy weapon this whole time.

This is the second weapon under the "Sidearm" weapon type and it confirms we're getting a whole new weapon class, not just the one-off Vestian Dynasty

Halo2ODST21259d ago

So they're selling us in-game content, in halo if you killed an enemy, you didn't need to pay £20 to pick up his plasma rifle

FamilyGuy1258d ago

You can "pick up" anything in Destiny though, you just get orbs rolling around occsionally

OmegaShen1259d ago

Wow, trolls are weak here. This gun looks pretty cool, happy it doesn't really look like a shotgun.

Can't wait.

PerrynAybara1259d ago

I think that having pistols as second firearms is going to be cool.

OmegaShen1259d ago

Yeah, I wish we get smg's. But I'm just getting some types of weapons, really wish we could get the sword as a weapon.

PerrynAybara1259d ago

yeah, the swords definitely. They are great weapons in Halo and in Destiny too. Sort of game changer.

The_KELRaTH1259d ago

Not seen the 3rd or 5th upgrade perk before.

Evo211259d ago

Destiny ... ResidentSleeper