GOG Adds Three Classic Star Trek Games to Catalog

Castle Pyramid - As a Star Trek fan, I have been wondering for years whether or not we would ever see any of the Star Trek video games be made available through digital distribution. There have been a lot of great Star Trek games over the years but, until now, no one has made them available for purchase. Thankfully, that is no longer the case. Today, GOG has added three classic Star Trek games to its catalog.

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Drithe1348d ago

GOG is a fantastic place to buy games.

SeanDKnight1348d ago

Yes it is! And I am so happy that someone is finally offering digital copies of Star Trek games.

OrangePowerz1348d ago

I hope there are plenty more to follow such as Klingon Academy, Armada I + II, Bridge Commander and Elite Force :)

SeanDKnight1348d ago

More of Interplay's catalog is supposed to be released in the near future. But they don't have many games left. Sadly, they don't have Armada, Bridge Commander, or Elite Force. Those games were created by other developers. But I hope that this initial push will create a huge demand for the rest of the Star Trek video games out there.

SniperControl1348d ago

Yeah, i hope they release both Elite Forces, really enjoyed them back in the day.