Interview with JOETSU Electronics (L2/R2 grip)

A new grip adding the L2/R2 triggers to PS Vita was released a week ago. Today, I bring you the first English interview with its creators – a Japanese company JOETSU Electronics.

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8BitBang1258d ago

I really hope this product gets released in the west. More than anything i want one for my 1000 model vita. There are so many ps1 games that would benefit from having L2 and R2 buttons. Spread the word!!!

kayoss1258d ago

Remote play would benefit from this. This will make remote play of more sophicated games more popular. I want to play Destiny, Bloodborne, driveclub remote play but since the button mapping gets to complicated, i dont.

Darthsternie1258d ago

That looks really cool.Would love to see this on my 1000 PS Vita :D

Hackinformer1258d ago

I can wait for this, as it's going to make remote play so much easy and a better over all experience. I hope it does really good in the market place, so they will think about making one for the 1000 unit.

ss4gogeta0691258d ago

This is going to make Vita remote play an amazing thing! Up until this there is really no way to have an L2/R2 without trying to map to the touchscreen which doesn't play out very well. I love it!!

darkamon1258d ago

I can't wait to have it in my hands for review! The witcher and Batman Arkham Knight will be remoted ;)