Portal Still Alive Will Include New Puzzles, But No New Plot


"Speaking with Valve's Doug Lombardi earlier this week at E3, we got onto the topic of the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade version of Portal. I wanted to know what gamers could expect from the game and why Valve decided to tweak it for the XBLA release."

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chaosatom3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Valve: "We'll take it. We just hate the ps3 owners."

Ps3Fanboy7773742d ago

I cant believe they couldnt think of anything better to do with the portal concept then to make these silly puzzle things. As well the voice on portal is definitely in the top 3 of annoying voices.

f7897903742d ago

I mean does that help your product at all?

Tacki3742d ago


That's really the best way to describe my feelings. The gameplay is very interesting and great... but without GlaDOS this is a fail for me. That's a huge part of what made it one of the most enjoyable games I've played this year.

Angrychinchilla3742d ago

As much as I love my PS3, I couldn't care less if this came to it or not. I just want to know why no PC?

Domenikos3742d ago

LOLS chinchilla ^^, maybe valve is keeping Portal 2 (a real sequel) for PC.

Angrychinchilla3742d ago

i sure hope so :( i want more portal NOW

CaptainHowdy3742d ago

the cake is still a lie? fool me once...

Ali_The_Brit3742d ago

great, so basicly its just portal but on XBLA...

Il give it a miss, im fine with portal on my orange box PS3 version thanks, and before a dumbass bot tries to say anything, no, i have never had a problem with it :D

Tisnt worth adding points to my account to get portal still alive, just valve trying to make more money imo

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