Lengthy PSN Maintenance Scheduled for Monday, May 11

After giving us a break in April, Sony announced today that the PlayStation Network will be undergoing a nine and a half hour maintenance beginning on Monday, May 11, and extending to Tuesday, May 12.

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PANDAB2956d ago

This better be good Sony.

Rimeskeem2955d ago

This shouldn't affect anyone if they play on their PS4 once a day

just_looken2955d ago

Its just for playstation now.

The deal with onlive should have wrapped up so this is no doubt them merging the onlive servers with into there own database.

They said they purchased the dead company for there patents and no doubt all those unused servers.

caseh2955d ago

To be honest I would rather be given a heads-up on it rather than find out through an article on here to the extent of "PSN DOWN FOR MANY USERS!!?!".

Then 200 posts asking why they is this happening, why do they have to pay for a crap service and why doesn't MS have the same issues. Quickly followed by people saying they still have access and others convinced it's a lie etc etc.

Rookie_Monster2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

9 hours!? Man, that is a bit excessive for a paid service but at least the online function should be intact, which is all that matter just like all those friend list is down articles about Live. As long as the online work and you can play all your digital games perfectly, it is fine.

StormLegend2955d ago

If it keeps everything going smoothly like it is now, I have no comeplaints...

You can still do everything anyway, except use the store.

xActionBasturdx2955d ago

Well imma be at work for 10hrs so fine by me lol

Maxor2955d ago

So does this mean that the PSN wont crash during 4th July? Because that's a Holiday...

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