Game Vortex Review: Cake Mania 2

Sara Earl writes:

''If you're like me, you've probably played Cake Mania on MSN games or maybe on the DS. Well even if not, it was so well liked that the makers gave us a sequel, Cake Mania 2. This time, Jill has quite a few people who need her help!

I guess Jill isn't very creative with stores, or maybe she just really likes the current setup. Whatever the reason, her store layout looks just like it did before. The locations, though, each have their own feel to them. You can add a TV, which I don't remember being in the previous game. There are also some new and quite interesting looking customers. I like the fact that they took the time to create several different types of people to come into the shop. I also liked that all the worlds look different. Even though it's the same layout, you don't get bored of it.

The background music isn't anything special, but it's not annoying, which is really good. I like that you can tell what is going on by the sound effects. When someone comes in, you get a door jingle. The oven timer dings when the cake is done. The froster makes a spraying sound when it is running, so when that stops, you know it is done. All the sounds make it much easier to play without having to keep an eye on everything at once.''

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