E3: Sony Plays Things Safe

Sony's E3 seems to have lacked that impact we've come to expect from what is still the world's biggest games expo. For a start, where was its counter-attack to Microsoft's Final Fantasy XIII coup?

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LeSouteneur3746d ago

FFXIII is still coming to the PS3. And it has tons of exclusive games coming out.

kosha3746d ago

I actually thought sony had quite a good e3 but i was expecting the team ico game reveal. Also more on heavy rain and Killzone 2

supahbad3746d ago

MAG did it for me, i don't care if it was cg, i can't wait for it.

supahbad3746d ago

also kratos was beastly

kosha3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

MAG was a great reveal. Id never even heard of zipper

Edit: got two disagrees already and i dont know why. Is zipper well known or something.

Edit2: Ok my memory has been jogged by the guy below thanks rucky

rucky3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

although I wasn't one of the disagree'rs. Zipper is the company who created the Socom franchise which single-handedly put the Playstation brand on the online multiplayer shooters map.

kosha3746d ago

Oh crap it is aswell. Ignore that last bit about zipper

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yoghurt3746d ago

I thought Sonys was best out of the you say, they are not losing final fantasy but they also had the added benefit of revealing NEW games, new exclusives. Their show got my hyped for '08 and '09 big time. Yes getting FF was good for Microsoft, but really I cant believe its being used so much to put down other E3 displays. Its not hard for a company to say here have $50,0000 can we have this game too? at least sony are creating new games and not just flashing the cash.

dachiefsman3746d ago

the article was right on target. It still amazes me Sony didn't have a live demo of KZ2 on stage, and the GoWIII teaser was lacking to say the least.

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