Countdown to E3: Square Enix

BagoGames: With close to 5 weeks to go until E3, we will countdown each week with our theories and hopes for what will be presented from various companies at the convention. This week we will be looking at the Japanese RPG powerhouse, Square Enix who will be hosting their own conference at E3 this year.

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DarkOcelet1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Its really weird that Square Enix have officially became my most anticipated Publisher/Developers this gen. Those guys are making one hell of a comeback.

If they remaster FFXII to the PS4 then there goes another 1000 hour of my life. God, i love that game.

lockedongamer11262d ago

I actually wrote an article about Square Enix's possible comeback. It seems much more likely now. I just hope they release Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 soon.

NoctisPendragon1262d ago

Btw FF XV was postoned to Gamescome but we still get a short trailler. And the game is going in promotion mode at gamescome so we may get it sooner than we think.

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F0XHOUND1262d ago

A remaster if FFXII would be my top 5 announcement tbh. Only today I was basically humming some of the music from the game.... people must think I'm crazy lol. Such an underrated game, and actually way more advanced than any game in its genre in years!

DarkOcelet1262d ago

Yup, it was a masterpiece.

Still my favorite FF game to date.

Gority1262d ago

I found the story/world had a lot of potential but fell flat. Gameplay was okay.

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Mykky1262d ago

I would wish for nothing more than a square enix comeback. I'm pretty sure they won't screw up KH 3 and FF 15. They may not be the 11/10 games we want them to be but I'm pretty sure they won't be bad.
I'm pretty interested in what they do next though, after FF15 and KH3. I really don't hope they make a bunch of new kh games scattered across multiple handheld platforms, and ff 15-2 and 15-3.

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Bigpappy1262d ago

I haven't played a FF game since V11. I must admit that XV has my interest. Tomb raider looks to be getting it grove back. Both of this games should be getting the DX12 treatment on X1 and PC. Hope that helps with keeping a good locked frame rate and some cool lighting the can seriously add to emersion.

Ajoyshop1262d ago

I'm excited for Tomb Raider. The resurrection and reinvention of that series was amazing. I'm with Bigpappy. Been out of the FF game for a while. Since 9 really. Would love if XV get's me back in.

lockedongamer11262d ago

I just wish it wasn't Xbox exclusive. It originally started on PlayStation so that hasn't agreed with me since the announcement.

Ajoyshop1262d ago

A real exclusive? Or one of those early release exclusives like with the next Tomb Raider? I believe nothing should be exclusive anymore. Except for maybe the creme a la creme of titles.

lockedongamer11262d ago

I meant to say early release exclusive. My mistake! It's still annoying to those who have played the games on PlayStation since it came out.

NoctisPendragon1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

I want some Agni , FF XV and KH III and many more .

F0XHOUND1262d ago

FF XII remaster
Kingdom hearts 3 gameplay and release info
Final Fantasy XV, same as above
Star ocean
Deus Ex

Could list way more. Gonna be a great show, square Enix gave really tried to win us back imo. Its almost worked, let's see how the next 12-18 months go!

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