BioShock 360 exclusivity deal explained

Exclusivity deals these days are complicated things. When BioShock was originally announced everyone expected it would be released on all suitable platforms, but it ended up being an Xbox 360 exclusive. Throughout the months leading up to its release rumours about a PS3 version were cropping up on an almost daily basis, and tracked down Markus Wilding, International PR director, 2K, to find out what exactly the deal was with BioShock on Xbox 360 and the game now coming to PS3.

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Wildarmsjecht3745d ago

Didn't someone who worked on the 360 version say it was because MS said they would pay for all the marketing if it were timed, letting consumers believe it was only available on the 360, and letting 2k get some much needed relief from marketing costs and hassles? This was said months ago, I believe, anyone else remember?

crck3745d ago

That said MS approach them after some show and as usual offered them the $$$ for timed exclusivity.

StayHigh3745d ago

Microsoft just loves giving money!! In a way I kinda hate them for doing that because its not actually helping us gamers at all..All the great games should be release on the PS3 at least so they can take advantage of hardware and devlopers don't need to limit them self because the storage capacity of DVD's.

I feel like GTA should be at least a bigger game..

pegger243745d ago

I am not attacking you, but to say that the storage limits of the 360 make all games shorter is a bit shortsighted. Any exclusive game is going to use the hardware best, or should at least. But the 360 is not always the limiting factor in development. Things like Uncompressed sound and cgi(MGS4)cut scenes take up a lot of space on those blu ray discs, not to mention the cost and time that goes into developing a game. Not saying that it is a negative to have uncompressed sound, far from it, but those with 7.1 systems are certainly in the minority.
I personally would love to see more exclusive titles so that the developers can spend the time on the game that is necessary to push one specific piece of hardware to the limit, which ever console that may be.

Kaneda3745d ago

I didn't send them any mails or emails to request PS3 version..

kinggeoff3745d ago

That putting games on the PS3 as opposed to the 360 would in any way hinder that game's production from what it potentially could have been, you have to do a great deal more research in order to understand the hardware differences between the two systems. They both have bottlenecks and tons of issues that developers need to overcome when designing a game.

The space limitations argument is totally a fallacy. Compression methods are what drive the industry forward. Not every audio and video codec is as much of a mess as MPEG compression algorithms.

Plenty of space on standard DVDs. If you seriously believe that these games need 50gb of space to be the best they can be, you need to go back to the playground with the rest of the kids and go about your business.

Tomdc3745d ago

Timed exclusives are a safer bet for microsoft. They cost less so there is less risk involved when with a new ip. A lot of full third party exclusives are timed ones that just dont go multiplatform in the end because the companies moved on or they dont think its worth it after, say a year.

jackdoe3745d ago

Yes. It was revealed months ago and assumed by many.

DJ3745d ago

All the cutscenes in MGS4 were done in-game. None of it was pre-rendered (though it's easy to come to that conclusion).

avacadosnorkel3745d ago

get's the disagrees from the XBOX crowd.

LightofDarkness3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

There are actually 4 cutscenes identified as pre-rendered in MGS4, most notably the 2 at the end of Act III. These have been proven by the encoding artefacts which can be pointed out at various points by observing the sky, as colour gradients can be clearly seen. Before everyone hits disagree, look it up, or play those scenes for yourself and look for the evidence. Still that proves the videos were slightly compressed, which means they didn't take up much room on the disc.

Sam Fisher3744d ago

but bioshock isnt all that great..story is grade b.. over 70 plasmid, thats dog sh*&. its several plasmids and over 50 upgrades actually. telekinesis is basically gravity gun from half life or any other game. if they make a movie out of this its not gonna be that big of a hit. and 1 important thing aswell, i beat the game. start a new wheres the stuff i earned in the previous file... u start COMPLETELY new. thats stupid.

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zonetrooper53745d ago

Fixed the editing mistake, you can approve it now.

PenisaurisDix3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

If there is more bling on the PS3 edition I will catch this game there. They say it's a classic. Even more confounding to me is I am true fan of System Shock -- why did this game not compel me to play ???

Wildarmsjecht3745d ago

Because you are married to the devil. Yea, I said it. Ronald Reagen = Devil.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

'xBox 360, you can Run, but you can't Hide!!!' ;-D
(or was that 'Sir Ken Kutaragi' who said that) ;)

The Best Version is coming to PS3!!!;-P
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Much good stuff coming to the PS3 it's AMAZING!!! ;-P

PLAYSTATION®3規格ソフトウェアのゲー ム 中にXMB™

Darrius Cole3745d ago

Ronald Reagan does not = A devil;

Ronald Reagan = THE Devil.

Said another way.

I do not mean that The Devil created Ronald Reagan, because before Ronald Reagan there was no Devil.

Pain3745d ago

let me guess u voted for Bush ?

After Reagan your Country went Down hill....

captainjy3745d ago


Their wasting their time. It will sell a measly 200-300K on the POS3.

Darkwolf3744d ago

dont judge ps3 sales just because the inferior 360 sales were like that..

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name3745d ago

Why isn't the 360 losing bioshock considered a big blow to the 360?

Stryfeno13745d ago

Maybe because it the first in the first in the series unlike Final Fantasy.

Mc Fadge3745d ago

it's because Sony needs those RPGs

predator3745d ago

cos it is a year later.........

kingme713745d ago

Also because anyone wanting the title and buying the 360 to get it would have done that already. Unlike FFXIII that releases at the same time (or at least as far as we have been told), the consumer then has a choice of which system to buy.

Same principle with MGS4. If it did go to the 360 it wouldn't be as big a deal to Sony because they have already reaped the benefits of selling more consoles.

kevnb3745d ago

1: its a year later
2: microsoft isn't nearly as reliant on exclusives not published by them

-M4verick-3745d ago

Yea Bioshock hasnt been a Xbox franchises for like 15 years and Bioshock is coming to the PS3 a year after it already won GOTY on the XBox 360...unlike FF13 which will ship on launch day in the U.S and Europe on the 360. Quite different.

Leathersoup3745d ago

"Why isn't the 360 losing bioshock considered a big blow to the 360?"

perhaps it's because Xbox 360 owners aren't threatening to throw themselves off of rooftops when other platforms get the games?

I happen to think it's awesome that PS3 owners will get to play Bioshock. Some of my most recent memorable moments in gaming were from playing this game and I think it's silly to refuse that to specific people based on the console they've chosen to purchase.

CaptainHowdy3745d ago

Final Fantasy XI was what exactly?

Nuclearwinter3745d ago

"2: microsoft isn't nearly as reliant on exclusives not published by them "

If anyone is reliant on 3rd party exclusives it's Microsoft.

kevnb3745d ago

oh really, what third party published exclusive is microsoft reliant on?

ukilnme3745d ago

@ Leathersoup

LMAO. I was wondering why it was raining bodies a few days ago.

Foo Skeptic3745d ago

Bioshock has not the quantity of fans Final Fantasy has
Bioshock is good but not as good as Final Fantasy
If I have to choose between those games I would choose Final Fantasy inmediately

beavis4play3745d ago

can you name the "vast" number of 1st party games for microsoft? and i see the word games your playing. in fact, forget naming the games. give us the devs microsoft has working for MGS to produce all the 1st party games they have? i think you're wrong. microsoft depends completely on 3rd party games. their 1st party games are practically non-existant.

bruiser813745d ago

@ 3.10

a better question would be what games have they released besides Halo that are first party to MS, if you can answer that you will know how much they depend on 1st party

zypher3745d ago

well, outside of Halo and Forza (and Perfect Dark Zero lol), just about every exclusive on the 360 is third-party developed. true, Microsoft may have published a lot of them, but they had no hand in development, which is why you're seeing a lot of previously "Only-on 360" games creep up on the PS3. so yes, given their sheer dearth of in-house development, this generation Microsoft seems way more reliant on third-party games, at least more than Sony.

given the two approaches, i think i prefer Sony's. most worthwhile 3rd party games ship day-and-date on both systems, and those that are 360 exclusive still find their way to the PS3. on the other hand, Sony has a catalog of in-house studios that completely trounces Microsofts. unlike Microsoft-published third-party developed exclusives, in-house exclusives remain exclusive. still, i'm a proud PS360 owner, so i'm covered either way.


its good to see microsoft losing exclusives and not just ps3

bozobucketeer3744d ago

Like everyone else said, it's a year later, but also because it was out for the PC. Anyone with a decent PC could have played it if they wanted to.

@3.8 - A crappy MMORPG.

Sam Fisher3744d ago

i completely agree and i like xbox 360 alittle more than ps3. but thats b/c im a ff hardcore fan to its fullest

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name3745d ago

And if MGS4 was announced to come out for the 360 in 2009 then it'd be no big deal right?

kevnb3745d ago

it would be nice for xbox owners, but it would be like when mgs2 came to xbox... nobody cared by the time it came out.

-M4verick-3745d ago

Defiantely not as big as FF 13....not even close because PS3 owners would have already played it for a year and a half instead of getting it on the same day.