GOG Galaxy - Steam-like Service - Enters Open Beta Phase, Will Support DRM-Free Triple-A Titles announced today that its Steam-like service, GOG Galaxy, has entered its public open beta phase.

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SunnyZ1351d ago

People gotta support this.
Paving the way for a DRM-Free future.

freshslicepizza1351d ago

this is a very nice step forward.

Brotard1351d ago

been waiting for a long time for this

someOnecalled1350d ago

i was waiting for this i remember when they said something about this last year. more wins

Perjoss1351d ago

Worth mentioning that GOG is part of the same company that makes the Witcher games. Technically its owned by CD Projekt which is the parent company of CD Projekt RED. Which for me at least makes this even easier to support. I really like how none of the features are forced on you.

I've never liked how Steam makes all of your purchases public, there is no way to have a privacy setting for this. Overall I'm not anti-Steam but I'm liking that they have more competition apart from the pathetic Origin/Uplay nonsense.

Aloren1351d ago

Uplay is indeed a pain to use (you often have to use both Uplay and Steam for one game, there's this silly "download then install" like on PS3..) however, Origin is not that bad. The UI is nice, it works fine, it offers good deals... of course it doesn't have as many features as steam, but it's also much more recent.

--bienio--1351d ago

I like buying my games digital plus steam got me( don't know how explain this ) so if we have more competition is good for everyone:)

Father__Merrin1351d ago

I will definitely get this, I also use steam origin and Desura

Volkama1351d ago

Catalogue seems a bit limited, but more competition in the digital space is good.

Sony and MS need to open up their digital ecosystems ASAP.

Grap1351d ago

it's in beta for god sake.

Volkama1351d ago

Over-reacting to the comment.

GOG isn't in beta. The Galaxy platform is in beta, but GOG has sold games for ages. Catalogue is a legitimate point, because if they're offering digital downloads without DRM then they may have issues getting certain publishers on board.

Roccetarius1351d ago

Keep in mind that larger companies are afraid of supporting something like this, because of the lack of DRM.

kevinsheeks1351d ago

We have to support it first

someOnecalled1350d ago

im wondering how much support this will receive period. i high doubt big publisher are going to accept this, but good thing is indies seem open with the idea.