60 Minute Access: Rayman Legends Part 1

"Welcome to our 60 Minute Access series of Rayman Legends. Back in the day when Wii U demo kiosks were still new, we tried out the demo of this game and got hooked on its hand-drawn art, platforming, and music level. So we played this game to the music level."

- The Gamer Access

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Jackhass1263d ago

Really liked this game -- too bad Ubisoft screwed it over by making it multi-platform at the last second then not promoting it.

aPerson1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Yep. They should have made that decision much sooner. Delaying and releasing it less than a month before GTA V hit almost killed the series.

I really hope Legends sold well enough to warrant a sequel. Both Origins and Legends were some of my favorite games last gen.

amnalehu1262d ago

One of the best Platformers ever made.