Far Cry 4 Complete Edition announced

Ubisoft today anncounced a Far Cry 4 Complete Edition that coming this June.

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Fro_xoxo1266d ago

So, there's an incomplete edition?

JAM_brz1266d ago

Yes, when the game was released... it's always like that with Ubisoft and Capcom.

Yi-Long1266d ago

Games are rarely released as 'complete' these days, which is why I and many others have stopped buying them day 1 and for full price, and instead waiting for releases like this.

Been looking forward to playing Far Cry 4. Really loved FC3. Now that they're releasing a Complete Edition, I'll wait for it to hit the <30€ price, and I'll pick it up.

I don't buy 'incomplete' games. I won't support DLC-milking. Vote with your wallet.

Randostar1266d ago

@Yi-Long. Voting would indicate that there is a chance for things to go back the other way, which they never will.

T9001266d ago

Good i still havent purchased Farcry 4. Ill be buying the complete edition on a Steam or Greenmangaming discount lol.

Exactly what these publishers deserve.

KTF261266d ago

Not only ubisoft and capcom
Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY edition
Batman Arkham City GOTY edition
Batman Arkham origins Complete edition
Shadow of Mordor
Tomb Raider GOTY edition for PC, PS3, XB360
The Last of US GOTY edition
Red Dead Redemption GOTY edition
Dishonored GOTY edition
Fallout 3 GOTY edition
Bioshock Infinite Complete edition
GOTY edition and Complete edition are the same thing The Game + Full DLC pack

I think FC4 is complete game without the DLCs
I didn't play any of its DLCs but from what I saw on the Internet it looks like the DLCs are the worst part of the game

4Sh0w1265d ago

"Far Cry 4 Complete Edition announced"

-Of course, but its not just them, its almost the whole industry including Microsoft and Sony doing the same thing= DLC.

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lelo2play1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

It's pretty stupid to buy DLC or season passes for games.
I never bought DLC in the past, probably never will in the future.

Developers intentionally take out chunks of the game, and sell it for extra €€€. Shame on them...

1265d ago
LamerTamer1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

Yeah, they are called first releases.

When you buy a new game on day one it isn't finished/complete which is why you need to instantly run to the internet to download the 3 gig "day one patch". Any game with a "day one patch" was not released complete as for the patch to be ready day one they had to start working on it and test/debug the patch even before the game went gold. Then there are the "season passes" which have content not finished in time ripped from the main broken game they rushed out sooner than they should have.

I see DriveClub as one of these. The game was garbage on day one and didn't even have the weather effects. They have been finishing it for months. It isn't bad now but even if you bought the disc it is basically a digital download game. Same for AC Unity among others.

magiciandude1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

Games rarely ever release complete nowadays. Nothing new to see here folks. Come back in 5-10 years when you see episodic games released at 60 a piece and each lasting 90 minutes tops...

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moegooner881266d ago

Getting games on launch this gen is becoming pointless. Complete editions now are getting released less than a year after the original ones.

Yi-Long1266d ago

If they wait too long with releasing a complete edition, nobody cares any more. And if they make you wait 2 years for a 'GOTY' edition, or a 'Complete' edition, then those people are clearly patient enough to also wait 3-4 months longer in order to get that GOTY/Complete edition half price somewhere.

Now, if Ubisoft had just said: Here's Far Cry 4, and all DLC that comes afterwards, will be made available free, then I would have bought it day 1 for full price, and they would have made 60€ from me.

Or, to hit a middle-ground, they could come up with a new strategy for DLC, as in it's 'premium' content when it first comes out, so those who are really eager to play it will pay for the DLC, but as a rule, after 6 months, the DLC will become free for everyone who owns/buys the game. That way, you could still get day 1 sales from gamers like me, cause I know in the end I'll still have a complete game for 50-60 euro, cause I'll wait for the DLC to become free.... while they can still make money from temporary 'premium' DLC, from those gamers who don't have a problem with aying for DLC and want it when it comes out.

Sashamaz1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

I like to think of it as buying a new car, you don't get all the extra/best features for free, you have to pay for them. I find it odd that gamers think they deserve DLC for free as it they are entitled to it. What you get when a game is released is what they decided to sell to you, it's their business and it's their way.

I know I'll get hate for this and I'm sorry to say, but I think most gamers are just delusional.

Minute Man 7211264d ago

Gaming will die when that happens.

VsAssassin1266d ago

So what the gamers played last year was incomplete? I would use "Remaster" instead.

Adexus1266d ago

They aren't remastering anything though, simply bundling in DLC that they released.

Majin-vegeta1266d ago

Does this come with all the DLC??If so I may bite.Man it pays off waiting.

dodo1011266d ago

This Gen patience is key.

Yi-Long1266d ago

That was also the case last-gen. Fallout 3 GOTY I picked up for 12 euro, Forza 3 Ultimate Edition for 8 euro, Assassin's Creed 2 GOTY for 11-12 euro, etc etc etc.

Be a little bit patient, and in most cases you can reap the benefits later.

samchez771265d ago

But that's so, sooooo hard!

badz1491265d ago

not if you have a huge backlog of games. thank you PS+

*cries in the corner in shame of my backlogs

samchez771263d ago

*goes mad with frustration at too many games, not enough time*

I'm only at 37% completion on GTA V PC, but now new Wolfenstein stand alone DLC is out and Witcher 3 in a few weeks!!!!!


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