Power Stone sort of returning with Combat Core

Indie developer MABManZ crafting a spritual sequel to the long-abandoned Power Stone series, launching a Kickstarter drive on May 15 and aided by character designs and art from industry artists Alex Ahad and Robaato.

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Abash1268d ago

Surprised there is no PS4 version planned

AngelicIceDiamond1268d ago

Same here actually. I'm sure the PS4 version will get announced at a later date.

XisThatKid1267d ago

Damn shame, I'm a huge power stone fan or any party fighter too bad I won't be getting this. Was looking forward to this.

fei-hung1267d ago

Same here and I was a bit gutted until I saw the video. This is nothing like power stone! The levels are boring, the level of interaction in levels is rubbish, the presentation is meh, the lack of anything resembling power stones and the combat looks weak in comparison.

3-4-51267d ago

There is too much else going on that is distracting.

Powerstone was more simplified and better off for it.

Still glad a game like this is being made though.

Not many of them.

Concertoine1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

I love the power stone games! They had that special kind of arcade awesomeness long since lost.

Gameplay looks solid, now they just need the crazy items and vehicles

hkgamer1267d ago

spiritual sequel my ass. looks like crap and designs are meh... with tech we have right now graphics should easily surpass dc level but this doesnt look right and the cel shading is just off.

"you might expect Combat Core to be the brainchild of ex-Capcom employees from the Power Stone pedigree, " first look at that trailer and i knew it had nothing to do with any of the people who did the power stone games. lets try and not call it a spiritual whatever and try calling it a ripoff/clone.

also kinda sad that they cant even copy t he whackyness of the power stone games. also find it strange that there is no ps4/vita version.

mark_parch1267d ago

have really good memories playing power stone with my brother on dreamcast. great game

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